Back to Walden

A History of Walden, Colorado

F.R. Bob Romero | Non Fiction

This short book about the history of Walden, Colorado, chronicles a typical history of a rural community but is still a very different story of small-town Americana. Back to Walden […]

ISBN 978-1733448376
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Taos Horno Adventures

A Multicultural Culinary Memoir Informed by History and Horticulture

Richard and Annette Rubin | Non Fiction

From the view of a retired physician and educator spouse, we share many life stories from over fifty years’ experience with the diverse cultures of Taos, living the shared cultures […]

ISBN 978-1733448352
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Our Lady of Roswell: A Novel

Brian Allan Skinner | Fiction

In the final years of World War II, the Blessed Virgin Mary appears to Roswell, New Mexico, teenagers Antonio and Sixtus. She entrusts them to deliver a letter to a […]

ISBN 978-1733448345
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Sweet Tarts for my Sweethearts

Stories & Recipes from a Culinary Career

Bonnie Lee Black | Non Fiction

For Bonnie Lee Black, writing and cooking have always been analogous. Both involve the thoughtful and loving preparation of something good for another’s consumption. This cookbook is a compilation of […]

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The Ranching Heritage

A Collection of Stories, Illustrations, and Images from the Life and Family of Martin Torres

Martin Torres | Memoir

Martin Torres was born on January 30, 1929, to Onesimo Valentin and Ana Torres and raised on a ranch in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico. Martin was encouraged by his wife, […]

ISBN 978-1659826326
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Weird Santa & other Xmas Tales

Brian Allan Skinner | Fiction

Weird Santa & other Xmas Tales is magic realism with a dash of erotic spiciness. The ten independent stories in this collection range from “A Doggie’s Tale,” a boy-and-his-dog story […]

ISBN 978-1733448314
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The Wellman Stories: Passions, Professions and Politics in Iowa

Margaret J. Hansen | Memoir

Thirty-eight plus one fascinating stories!   Two women chiropractors, Drs. Karen and Margaret, also life partners, happen into a small Iowa town called Wellman in 1986, just thirty-five minutes from […]

ISBN 978-1733448307
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The Magic of Kindness

A Novel in Short Stories

Brian Allan Skinner | Fiction

“The Magic of Kindness” is magic realism with a dash of erotic spiciness. Like the author’s previous collection of tales, it is a “novel in short stories.” The eight quirky […]

ISBN 978-0998680798
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Roots of Enchantment

Historia de mi Antepasados

F.R. Bob Romero | Memoir

This is the extraordinary story of four ordinary men from Northern New Mexico—the roots they planted, their history, and the legacy they left in the Land of Enchantment. “ROOTS OF […]

ISBN 978-0998680774
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The Visits

Teachings from the Other Side

Loretta Ortiz y Pino | Non Fiction

Dr. Loretta Ortiz y Pino, a beloved small-town pediatrician, was asleep one night when she awoke with a sense of intolerable restlessness. The voice of a friend who had recently […]

ISBN 978-0998680767
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Shoot Me, Jesus

Tales of the Old & New Southwest: A Novel in Short Stories

Brian Allan Skinner | Fiction

Shoot Me, Jesus is a “novel in short stories,” what writer Jane Lawless called “erotic magic realism with a Southwestern spiciness.” Humor is an essential element of each story. The […]

ISBN 978-0998680743
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Jamie’s Muse

Bonnie Lee Black | Fiction

The lost history of Bonnie Lee Black’s Scottish great-grandmother, Helen, has haunted the author for years. Why, as young newlyweds, did Helen and William Black leave their hometown, Kirriemuir, Angus, […]

ISBN 978-0998680736
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Keepin’ On

Living Well with Parkinson's Disease

Robert J. Silver | Memoir

Written for fellow Parkinson’s patients, their families, and their friends, Keepin’ On chronicles a life of love, loss, longing, work, sports, travel, friendship, and intimacy—all against the backdrop of progressive […]

ISBN 978-0-9986807-2-9
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Longtime Lost

Patricia Pollard | Memoir

Those of us women who were blessed with good and loving mothers, who taught us by example how to be good and loving mothers in turn, can scarcely imagine a […]

ISBN 978-0998680712
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From Salt to Sage

Lorraine Lener Ciancio | Memoir

From Salt to Sage is a collection of personal essays that captures the arc of a colorful American life, beginning with the author’s Italian family in New York through her […]

ISBN 978-0998680705
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Unexpected Bride in the Promised Land

Journeys in Palestine and Israel

Iris Keltz | Memoir

After hitchhiking from Paris to Jerusalem, Jordan in 1967, Iris Keltz had to wait three days for permission to cross a U.N. checkpoint into Jerusalem, Israel. That was enough time […]

ISBN 978-0986270697
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Wow! 2

The Memoirito Continues...

David Perez | Memoir

In “WOW 2: The Memoirito Continues,” David is in high school, a top student and athlete. But as the tumultuous 70’s set in, David is pulled by partying and getting […]

ISBN 978-0986270680
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El Legado: The Legacy

Ed Cardenas |

As a young boy, Antonio is inspired by his Abuelito’s “Libro de Dichos” (Book of Proverbs), and by his family’s generations-long connection to their beanfield in Peñasco, New Mexico. But […]

ISBN 978-0692620618
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A Life Well Worn

A Collection of Personal Stories

Larry Schreiber M.D. | Memoir

Larry Schreiber’s life story is a love poem to Northern New Mexico and to all its inhabitants, as well as to Larry’s own children—so many of them adopted—and to his […]

ISBN 978-0986270666
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Journey Down A Road Less Traveled

My Life and Career On Two Continents

Robert (Reg) Strickland | Memoir

This biography encompasses the life and career of an Australian physician who at 36 years of age sought to succeed in the competitive world of Academic Medicine in America. We […]

ISBN 978-0692507537
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Danger at the Rodeo

Karen Glinski | Young Adult Fiction

This exciting young adult book is the second to feature Emerson, his dog Lucky and his grandpa Charlie, a Navajo elder. This time, all three are headed to a week-long […]

ISBN 978-0692571668
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Flying Colorado Mountain Weather

Margaret W. Lamb | Non Fiction

This seminal book highlights reading clouds and flying mountain weather. It’s a stick and rudder text, including full color photographs printed to art-quality standards. The material explains airplane crashes in […]

ISBN 978-0-9862706-4-2
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De La Tierra

The Natural World of Northern New Mexico

Steve Tapia | Non Fiction

De La Tierra: The Natural World of Northern New Mexico is a fact-filled guide to the wildlife, plants, and unique habitats of Northern New Mexico. Written by Steve Tapia, a […]

ISBN 978-0986270635
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Coming of Age

Come Rain or Come Shine

Martha Grossman | Memoir

Coming of Age: Come Rain or Come Shine took more than ten years to write. The author, finding herself alone, her marriage of forty-two years imploding, examines each piece of […]

ISBN 978-0692450253
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Taos Hiking Guide

Cindy Brown | Non Fiction

Written by Cindy Brown, hiking columnist for The Taos News, this all new Taos Hiking Guide has the most up to date information on 31 of the best trails near […]

ISBN 9780986270628
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Gringo Lessons

Twenty Years of Terror in Taos

Bill Whaley | Memoir

Gringo Lessons: Twenty Years of Terror in Taos is a tale of modern adventure about a young man who experienced the local culture from 1966 to 1987. There he met […]

ISBN 978-0986270604
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Stranded at Sheep Camp

Karen Glinski | Fiction

Eleven-year-old Emerson resents spending the summer at sheep camp with his Navajo grandfather. He is a misfit in a culture and lifestyle alien to him. Then he befriends a lost […]

ISBN 978-0615936895
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The Place Where Wildness Dreams

Essays from the Field

Alexis Rykken | Non Fiction

The Place Where Wildness Dreams enters Earth’s dream, offers a new sensibility of who we are as part of an integral community, and opens our minds to the consciousness of […]

ISBN ISBN-13: 978-0692323403
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Fire and Ash: The Alchemy of Cancer

Christine Sherwood | Memoir

This is a timeless, archetypal tale of going into the realm of death, into the grave, and resurrecting into a new, burnished life. Like The Pilgrim’s Progress and Dante’s Divine […]

ISBN 978-0692328590
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Love and Terror in Greece, 1969

Steve Fox | Memoir

Steve Fox had just started his second semester of graduate English study at the University of Texas in January, 1967, when he was drafted to serve in the voracious Vietnam […]

ISBN 978-0615973852
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Drinking from the Stream

Women's Prose and Poetry About Nature

Phaedra Greenwood | Creative Non Fiction

  A collection of real life episodes, poems and essays from women who view nature through the lens of their experience. This book will transport the armchair traveler to the […]

ISBN 978-0615916873
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Love on the Brink of History

A Memoir of a Contemporary Ancient Spiritual Initiation

Hannah Rappaport | Memoir

NOW AVAILABLE At the age of forty, Ethel, who grew up in Los Angeles, California, decided to take possession of her true name, Hannah—the name on her Israeli birth certificate. […]

ISBN 978-0615893334
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Inside Outsiders

Eileen Wiard | Young Adult Fiction

“Eileen Wiard’s debut novel hums with a rich understanding of the challenges kids face daily around identity, acceptance, and tough life choices. As 13-year-old Crystal navigates the difficult terrain of […]

ISBN 978-0615892863
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Doing Time

Papers from Framingham Prison

Katherine Ann Power | Memoir

I didn’t set out to be a terrorist. As a student activist, I moved from ­protesting the war in Vietnam to waging guerrilla warfare to overthrow the government. A bank […]

ISBN 978-0615893778
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Tributes & Tirades: Taos Life and American Politics

Robert J. Silver | Non Fiction

Tributes and Tirades: Taos Life and American Politics is a collection of commentaries and opinions on events in a troubled period in American politics and life in Taos, a storied […]

ISBN 978-0615807997
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Storied Recipes

short-short (true) stories & the recipes that flavor them A SOMOS Cookbook, Taos, New Mexico

Bonnie Lee Black | Non Fiction

SOMOS, a Taos non-profit organization known as the literary heart of Taos, has created Storied Recipes—an attractive 200-page cookbook that features 84 short stories with accompanying recipes submitted by friends of […]

ISBN 978-1478397519
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Remarkable Women of Taos

A Year Long Community-wide Celebration Honoring Outstanding Taoseñas

Liz Cunningham | Non Fiction

A “year-end report” commemorating the Remarkable Women of Taos 2012 Project, a yearlong celebration honoring outstanding historic and contemporary women of Taos. The book includes profiles for 167 historic and contemporary women in 6 categories: Legends (women past), Arts, Outdoors, Business, Well-Being, and Community Profiles. Over 400 women participated in events and exhibitions throughout the 2012 Project which won the Best Campaign of 2012 TIARA Award (Tourism Industry Association Recognition Awards) at the recent 2013 Governor’s Conference on Tourism. More than 770 women are named in the exhaustive index to the work.

ISBN 978-0615812755
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The Story of Saint Sister Angelica

Jerry Walter | Fiction

A work of historical fiction, The Story of Saint Sister Angelica follows a young French woman at the time of the Renaissance who is orphaned but finds her calling in service to God. She creates an orphanage in Meaux and travels to Italy and with her brother.

ISBN 978-1257652631
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How to Make an African Quilt

The Story of the Patchwork Project of Ségou, Mali

Bonnie Lee Black | Memoir

How do we stitch cultural differences, join disparate worlds, to create something both beautiful and useful? Bonnie Lee Black subtly addresses these universal questions through vivid stories of her life-changing experience living and working in the fabled city of Ségou, Mali, in West Africa.

ISBN 978-0615773391
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How to Cook a Crocodile

How to Cook a Crocodile

A Memoir with Recipes

Bonnie Lee Black | Memoir

Joining the Peace Corps at the age of fifty and posted to the tiny town of Lastoursville in the thickly rain-forested interior of Gabon, Central Africa, Bonnie taught health, nutrition and cooking. She developed her own healthy recipe for a purposeful life, made in equal measures of good food, safe shelter, meaningful work, and unexpected love.

ISBN 678-0-948700-8-7 (Order via Amazon.com)