Homescape Rewilding

Homescape Rewilding
Stories of Ordinary Ecological Practices
Richard and Annette Rubin
Non Fiction
6 x 9 inches
150 pages

ISBN ‎ 978-1737810902

Annette and Richard provide inspiration in this book about their retirement pursuit of Rewilding practices for ecological service. In raconteur style, they describe their Taos, New Mexico Homescape cultures and cultivation. Beginning with thoughtful overview of Rewilding philosophy, they take the reader through millennia of people on the land, relationships with trees, horticulture and husbandry, fauna community, culinary wilding, and contemplative initiatives. While their setting and cultural environment are local, they are inspired by profound writers and diverse teachers. This book’s sources and themes address experiences and endeavors for applying the principles of Rewilding anywhere.