Gringo Lessons

Gringo Lessons
Twenty Years of Terror in Taos
Bill Whaley
6 x 9 inches
276 pages

ISBN 978-0986270604

Gringo Lessons: Twenty Years of Terror in Taos is a tale of modern adventure about a young man who experienced the local culture from 1966 to 1987. There he met the community: skiers, La Gente, los vato locos, Chicano activists and their Spanish contemporaries, the artists, drug dealers, fellow soldiers, tempting sirens, the occasional movie star, and a host of con artists. Finally the fool abandoned Taos and returned to university only to return and publish Horse Fly, a monthly journal about politics and art for another decade, which he promises to chronicle in a sequel: Taos Redux: The Horse Fly Years.

“This wonderful autobiography is as honest as the day is long, no holds barred, no punches pulled. It’s beautifully written, highly entertaining, truly wild and wonderful even as it also may make you cringe on every other page.”
—John Nichols, New Mexico author