Living the Leopolds’ Mi Casita Ecology

Living the Leopolds’ Mi Casita Ecology
Richard and Annette Rubin
Non Fiction
6 x 9 inches
158 pages

ISBN 978-1737810940

The authors describe and illustrate experiences of Aldo and Estella Leopold’s legacy in Tres Piedras, New Mexico. As Carson National Forest Supervisor and daughter of a founding New Mexico family, they are the engaging axis to these words and pictures. This book provides a wide tour through time, places, and people, including archaeology, geology, American settlement history, U. S. Forest Service initiatives, the Leopolds’ brief presence, subsequent visitors’ contributions, modern restoration progress, current regeneration of literary and conservation scholarship, thoughts on activism psychology, insights about Leopold’s relevance now, and hopeful plans for greater community participation in this meaningful setting. Drawing on decades of Northern New Mexico engagement and several years of volunteer service as Mi Casita practical steward and conscientious student, Richard shares past and present wisdom he has gleaned from ecological scientists and teachers. Annette provides visual enhancements of the relationships that create true living in this story.