The Magic of Kindness

The Magic of Kindness
A Novel in Short Stories
Brian Allan Skinner
6x9 inches
220 pages

ISBN 978-0998680798

“The Magic of Kindness” is magic realism with a dash of erotic spiciness. Like the author’s previous collection of tales, it is a “novel in short stories.” The eight quirky tales in the present volume are connected not only by plot elements, but also by everyday objects and characters who appear in more than one story. A few of the tales are inadvertent romances.


The author draws once again upon his stable of six trustworthy players who first appeared in, “Shoot Me, Jesus: Tales of the Old & New Southwest.” Though some of the characters have changed their names and others wear disguises, they will still be familiar to readers who enjoyed the previous volume.

Each of these stories is a stand-alone work of short fiction that can be read in any order. The connected tales are founded on the sparks and flashes of insight in daily life, enlivened with humor and a positive attitude in the face of unpleasant realities.

The stories are those of the characters, who speak in their own voices. The rhythm of their dialogue, the music of their speech, is drawn from the rich vocal textures and languages of New York City and other places. Though fictional, with often fantastical elements, the stories take place in real life.