There Was Always Enough Time

There Was Always Enough Time
Lorraine Lener Ciancio
6 x 9 inches
84 pages

ISBN 978-1737810919

“Lorraine Lener-Ciancio’s poems invite us to linger in her world briefly as she ponders love, loss, hunger, age, and longing. She makes it all seem like a comforting, knowable place. It’s as though we inhabit these spaces of hers ourselves, smelling the ocean waves, tasting the chocolates, seeing the single snowflake in a beloved’s hair, hearing jazz on the radio late at night, and remembering— what? that love endures…Tender understanding of the ravages of love and the passage of time is alive in the lines of her poems. The imagery is strangely sensuous, her truth-telling often stark and heartbreaking, her voice so clear. This evocative collection reminds us that there is reason to hope and dream in this life and that “there was always enough time.”

— Mag Dimond, author of

Bowing to Elephants; Tales of a Travel Junkie

“In this collection Lorraine Lener-Ciancio’s smoothly lyric voice brings together precise descriptions of place with poems that glow like hearth fires, wrapping the reader in a soft and familiar warmth like a home- knit shawl.’

—Anne McNaughton, co-founder of Taos Poetry Bout

“There Was Always Enough Time is a time travelers document of places, emotions, memories of the senses. Here is a poet who is present in her life and charged with it. “…a remarkable kind of consonance.”

—Alan Macrae, author of Mud, Space, and Spirit