Flying Colorado Mountain Weather

Flying Colorado Mountain Weather
Margaret W. Lamb
Non Fiction
6 x 9 inches
176 pages

ISBN 978-0-9862706-4-2

This seminal book highlights reading clouds and flying mountain weather. It’s a stick and rudder text, including full color photographs printed to art-quality standards. The material explains airplane crashes in all sorts of downdrafts, from lee-side downdrafts in the mountain wave, to windward side flows across the Continental Divide. Microscale weather is a problem not identified at all in general aviation mountain flying, but this book exposes the hazards. The book also contains chapters on flying turbulence, and risk (with examples from mountaineering, as well as paragraphs from famous pilots). 6×9 inches; 176 pages on 80# stock with laminated 100# color covers.


“The challenge of flying near the edge and the sweet reward of Colorado mountain flying is beautifully presented. You’ve succeeded in filling a large void in pilot knowledge.” (Colorado)

“I especially like your front and back covers, where you use them for instruction, not wasting any pages! Very unusual and creative!” (Wisconsin)

“The illustrations are out of this world, just great!” (New Mexico)

“My favorite pages are your paean to air (“wind is your friend”). This book is an instruction manual, yet it ends up being a song.” (Colorado)