Doing Time

Doing Time
Papers from Framingham Prison
Katherine Ann Power
6" x 9"
76 pages

ISBN 978-0615893778

I didn’t set out to be a terrorist. As a student activist, I moved from ­protesting the war in Vietnam to waging guerrilla warfare to overthrow the government. A bank robbery we undertook to finance this “revolution” resulted in the murder of Boston police officer Walter Schroeder. I fled and lived as a fugitive for 23 years. In 1993 I surrendered to ­authorities, pled guilty to armed robbery and manslaughter, and served six years in prison.

I haven’t given up on social change. The more I have studied how things change, the more I see that the acts of this moment are hugely powerful, that peace in the moment is the way to peace in the world. This book is one way for me to share some of what I have learned.

Katherine Ann Power

Watch for Katherine’s forthcoming memoir, Surrender, lessons from her dramatic journey from guerrilla warrior toward practical peace.