Take Another Piece of My Heart

Take Another Piece of My Heart
A Memoir
Lucy Herrman
318 pages

ISBN ‎ 978-1-7378109-6-4

Ten years ago, while skiing in Colorado, Lucy Herrman’s husband, Dirk, suffered an aortic dissection, an almost always fatal tearing of the lining of the aorta. The survival rate of an aortic dissection is less than 20 percent. Some well-known victims of aortic dissections include Richard Holbrooke, John Ritter, Alan Thicke, and Bill Paxton to name a few. Miraculously, Dirk was one of the rare survivors. But as he later said, “When you cheat Death, Death doesn’t let go so easily.”


Take Another Piece of My Heart is the first-person account of a harrowing medical journey. The book reads like a thriller—offering insights into healing and recovery from one of the deadliest emergency diseases imaginable—a narration from the perspective of the person who mustered strength and hope on the sidelines.


“I’m loving this book from the edge of my seat!”—James L. McManus, author of Cowboys Full and Chin Music.