Selected Writings on Chariots and Other Early Vehicles, by M a Littauer, Joost Crouwel, Peter Raulwing

By M a Littauer, Joost Crouwel, Peter Raulwing

This selection of papers is essentially concerned about delivery through wheeled motor vehicle in antiquity. They shed a lot gentle at the building of the cars, the methods their draught animals have been harnessed and regulated, and the makes use of to which the equipages have been positioned. The facts mentioned contains real continues to be of autos and bridles, in addition to figured and textual records. Ridden animals and their equipment additionally characteristic during this choice of papers. the chosen Writings of Mary B. Littauer and Joost H. Crouwel are vital for all these attracted to the cultures of the traditional close to East, Egypt and Cyprus and of Bronze Age Greece.

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