Pathfinder Module: Wardens of the Reborn Forge by Patrick Renie

By Patrick Renie

Alkenstar, urban of Smog, is a bastion of civilization within the magic-warped sector referred to as the Mana Wastes. Its inventive voters live on within the treacherous Spellscar wasteland with assistance from canny innovations like weapons and clockwork automatons, yet now their build protectors have began to run amok in the urban. It falls to the desktops to enterprise past the town partitions to discover the resource in their unusual habit. Will they discover the mastermind in the back of the plot and placed an finish to this insanity, or will they as an alternative fall sufferer to the primal magic and savage tribes of Mana Wastes mutants that beleaguer the city?

Wardens of the Reborn Forge is a deluxe super-adventure for 12th-level characters, and contains sixty four action-packed pages of event choked with mechanical machinations, new monsters, a stunning double-sided and full-color poster map of Alkenstar, and a major miniatures-scale battleground!

Players can count on to arrive fifteenth point by the point they whole this epic adventure—if they be capable to live on the machinations of the clockwork buildings of the reborn forge!

By Patrick Renie.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-555-6

Pathfinder Modules are 64-page, high quality, full-color, adventures utilizing the Open online game License to paintings with either the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game and the normal 3.5 myth RPG principles set. This Pathfinder Module comprises new monsters, treasure, a double-sided poster map, and a completely exact bonus position that may be used as a part of the journey or in the other video game!

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Sample text

This bonus doesn't stack with other bonuses on saves to resist primal magic events. CONSTRUCTION REQU I REMENTS I COST 1 2, 1 00 G P Craft Wondrous Item, miracle, crafter m ust be a n oracle w i t h t h e spellscar mystery"M Development: Syckar's d ouble-b arrele d pistol is o f incre dibly fine quality and design. The maker's mark adorning its side initially appears to b e one of the standard stamps use d by local gunsmith s, b ut a success ful DC 25 Knowle dge (local) check allows the PC to determine the stamp's signifi cance: its more minute detail s indicate not only that the gun was craft e d at the Gunwork s (an o dd fact on its own, since the engineers o f that factory rarely craft guns fo r foreign distribution) , b ut also that it was craft e d for a memb er of Alkenstar 's nob ility.

At the start of each round, roll d% to determine whether a primal magic event manife sts; if one manifests in a given round , determine when in the initiative ord er the event tak es place (the storm has a +5 initiative mo difi er). A naturally occurring primal magic event targets one creature at rand om within the storm. The primal magic event randomly triggere d should b e CR 12, CR 13, or CR 14 (determine ran domly by rolling ld3 + 11 per primal magic event) , and can b e rolle d using the Sample Primal Magic Events table on page 13 o f Patl'ifinder Campa(gn Settin[J: Inner Sea Ma[Jic or the following additional table o f sample primal magic events.

97-1 00 An orb of g rease explodes a n d covers all creatures i n a C R x 5 -foot- radius b u rst, i ncreasing affected creatures' CMD by 10 for 1d4 ro unds. = C . S U LTUR M I LL O UTPOST Because of the distance from the northern half of the Karggat Mine to Martel to the south-site of the Karggat Mining Company's headquarters-the miners constructe d an outpost ab ove the b ooming excavation project. They built their outpost upon the foundation of a lost mage 's ruine d tower, drawing stone from the surrounding resource-laden hills.

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