Pathfinder Module: Plunder & Peril by Paizo Inc.

By Paizo Inc.

Mythical Treasure!

Tall stories of hidden riches are universal within the pirate-infested taverns of the Shackles, but if Captain Varossa Lanteri claims to grasp the site of the key treasure hoard of mythical Captain Jemma Redclaw, it sort of feels she should be telling the reality. Captain Lanteri hires the desktops on as team to assist her gather the magic key that might open the door to Redclaw’s treasure... and the traditional cyclops stronghold during which it’s hidden! Can the desktops continue to exist lengthy adequate to say their proportion of the misplaced loot, or will their enemies—or their allies—send them to a watery grave?

Plunder & Peril is a set of 3 adventures that hyperlink to shape one deluxe super-adventure for 4th-level characters, and contains sixty four action-packed pages choked with aquatic predators, marauding dragons, cyclopean horrors, and extra! those stories parallel and intricate upon the swashbuckling pleasure of the cranium & Shackles event direction and the Pathfinder experience Card video game: cranium & Shackles Base Set. Plus, chart your path via pirate plagued seas with a full-color poster map that includes the main exact view of the Shackles ever published. avid gamers can anticipate to arrive seventh point by the point they whole the 3rd event and declare their percentage of Redclaw’s treasure—if they could continue to exist the traditional terrors that defend the hoard!

Written by means of Matthew Goodall, Alex Greenshields, Ben McFarland, Steven Helt.
Cover artwork by way of Kiki Moch Rizky.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-680-5

Pathfinder Modules are 64-page, high quality, full-color, adventures utilizing the Open video game License to paintings with either the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game and the traditional 3.5 delusion RPG principles set. This Pathfinder Module contains new monsters, treasure, a double-sided poster map, and a completely targeted bonus position that may be used as a part of the journey or in the other video game!

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STATISTICS Gear longbow with 20 arrows, rash pods (3) Development: Although it is beyond the scope of this adventure, the PCs may decide to hunt down more keches than are necessary to win the friendship of the lizardfolk tribe or even find and attack the kech village. There are 60 or so adult keches on the island, with roughly a quarter of that number out hunting at any given time. The keches are ruled by a tribal priest named Chabol (NE male kech druid 3), who rarely leaves the village and controls the tribe through fear and displays of power over nature.

Black Coral Connection Stairs from the northeast descend into this octagonal room. Against the walls sit a carved stone weapon stand, a broken stone table, all scaled for creatures twice human height. The southwestern wall is covered in an unusual black substance that looks like coral, and massive formations of the material choke the exit to the southwest. A narrow path seems to have recently been cut through the mass into a room beyond. INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1: RUM PUNCH CHAPTER 2: DANGEROUS WATERS CHAPTER 3: BLACK CORAL COVE APPENDIX 1: MAGPIE PRINCESS APPENDIX 2: BESTIARY Orsilir sealed off the front half of Ghoral-Rey from the cove as a safety measure, assuming he’d expand into the ruins later.

If the PCs seem to like the captain, they should be motivated to rescue her if the crew says she’s been gone within the ruins for days. If the PCs don’t like her, have her steal something from them or brag about how rich she’ll be when she returns from Brightglass Island. INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1: RUM PUNCH CHAPTER 2: DANGEROUS WATERS CHAPTER 3: BLACK CORAL COVE APPENDIX 1: MAGPIE PRINCESS APPENDIX 2: BESTIARY treasure for herself. She and her steward, “Heartbreak” Hinsin, have mastered the music needed to open the ancient doors of Ghoral-Rey, though they don’t realize that the ship’s mascot—a mynah bird named Loudwing—has learned to imitate the tune.

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