Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Shattered Star Poster Map Folio by Robert Lazzaretti, Paizo Staff

By Robert Lazzaretti, Paizo Staff

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Venture into the Pathfinder crusade setting’s such a lot infamous frontier with the Shattered megastar Map Folio! Plan new missions or map your adventuring group’s exploits in either treacherous towns and the monster-haunted wilds with those 3 huge, immense poster maps designed to be used with the Shattered megastar event direction, Pathfinder’s dungeon-crawling quest for magical relics from a fallen empire!

Within this map folio, you’ll locate 3 large 8-panel poster maps. Tantalize your desktops with a big participant handout designed to seem like an ink-and-parchment map of the sector, entire with sketches of neighborhood threats and mythical creatures! Then introduce them to the enormously specific map of Magnimar, Varisia’s service provider paradise, the place the aristocratic traditions of devil-worshiping Cheliax are avoided in desire of independence, trade, and chance. From there, it’s an extended riverboat experience to the cliffside monument-city of Kaer Maga, the town of Strangers, the place the one legislations comes from rival gangs and guilds, and civilized monsters rub shoulders with fugitives and spiritual zealots. no matter if you would like densely packed cityscapes in your city adventures or a mysterious local map to motivate you and your gamers, those attractive maps of a few of the Pathfinder crusade setting’s such a lot certain destinations are definitely the right source for the Shattered big name experience direction or any myth crusade.

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