Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Pathfinder Society Field Guide by Paizo Inc.

By Paizo Inc.


The Pathfinder Society is an eccentric association of adventurers, explorers, and students with brokers unfold throughout Golarion and past. whereas participants are anticipated to be rather self-sufficient, the organization’s management understands that these built with the information and kit to stand the demanding situations of the activity are probably to outlive to convey again important treasures and to fill the Pathfinder Chronicles with stories in their bold exploits. The Pathfinder Society box consultant breaks down what it capacity to be a Pathfinder and provides gamers and GMs instruments to construct characters and campaigns round the illustrious association. additionally, all content material inside of this publication is a hundred% criminal to be used within the world-spanning Pathfinder Society equipped Play campaign.

Within this 64-page booklet, Pathfinders will find:
• an summary of Absalom, urban on the heart of the area, the place the Pathfinder Society retains its headquarters
• information on 10 factions in the Pathfinder Society, and the advantages to be had to these brokers dependable to each
• New archetypes for Pathfinders of all 3 branches of the association: the Scrolls, the Spells, and the Swords
• an entire box advisor protecting threats to Pathfinder brokers, in addition to feedback on construction desktops ready to stand them
• ideas for day jobs and professions, estate, fans, and alternative routes to customise your character
• A process for turning characters’ popularity and status into beneficial in-game rewards
• Dozens of recent spells, magic goods, really good adventuring instruments, and more!

The Pathfinder Society box consultant is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game and the Pathfinder crusade surroundings, yet can simply be utilized in any myth video game surroundings.

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Animals, wild or otherwise, present another great resource, especially when encountered in an unexplored region or an area populated by intelligent foes: information. Many humanoids see animals as little more than food sources, mounts, or annoyances, and as such don’t bother to alter their behavior in their presence. Speak with animals (or even awaken) can allow a group of Pathfinders to interrogate wildlife they’ve befriended—this tactic is not only excellent for gaining intelligence about the region, but it’s also particularly good for learning about the habits and strengths of local organizations or groups.

Society Suggestions The greatest defense against the environment is knowledge of the dangers it posses, for dangers like storms, hazardous terrain, and other perils are often things that one expects to find in certain regions, and can thus prepare for. Characters with skill in Knowledge (nature) and Survival are excellent resources to have in regions of hostile terrain, as are those who can climb and swim well. In addition to Pathfinders’ reliance upon numerous restorative spells to cure wounds and other ailments caused by hazardous environments, a number of spells that normally don’t see much use are specifically designed to aid explorers in remote regions.

Willing Dead: Perhaps the most dangerous form of restless dead are those who willingly embraced their undead status. While there is some crossover here with other undead types (particularly with vampires), this category’s most notorious members are liches. The willing dead are most often encountered by Pathfinders as significant opposition to their goals, and can often coincide with other categories of dangers like competition, cultists, or even false Pathfinders. Undead cling to an unnatural existence beyond death, fueled by powerful negative emotions like fear or rage, driven by a relentless hunger, or cursed to their state as a result of foul necromancy that magically manipulates the laws of life and death.

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