Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Monster Codex by Paizo Staff

By Paizo Staff

The internal Sea area of the Pathfinder crusade environment is rife with substantial foes, and 10 of the main attention-grabbing are special in Pathfinder crusade environment: internal Sea Monster Codex! From winged strix to aquatic gillmen, Golarion deals no scarcity of iconic and encouraging antagonists to problem any workforce of adventurers—and unforeseen allies to help them. each one access provides a trove of data in regards to the nature, background, society, and conduct of 1 of Golarion's titanic races, and ready-made examples of roles chanced on between each one creature kind, from centaur foragers and cyclops lorekeepers to minotaur prophets and ogrekin looters.

Inside this booklet, you will find creatures like:

• Charau-ka, fierce simian humanoids who worship demons and own a thirst for bloodshed.
• Cyclopes, as soon as a part of a grand, historical society yet now decreased to a starvation sated in simple terms via sacrifice.
• Gillmen, amphibious humanoids who declare to be the inheritors of the fallen Azlanti empire.
• Girtablilus, daring scorpionfolk who defend the mysterious ruins of Golarion's deserts.
• Strix, black-winged terrors reason on conserving their place of birth from the human scourge.
• Sadistic derros, malevolent minotaurs, aberrant ogrekin, and more!

The internal Sea Monster Codex is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game and the Pathfinder crusade atmosphere, yet can simply be utilized in any delusion video game atmosphere.

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Among tribes of their own kind, some ogrekin readily take up divine spellcasting. Healers and seers are highly valued for their utility both in battle and when processing new slaves. 3—Brittle Bones: The ogrekin’s bones are malformed and weak. Creatures gain a +4 circumstance bonus on attack rolls to confirm critical hits against the ogrekin. 4—Deformed Feet: The ogrekin can’t run and takes a –2 penalty to its CMD against bull rush, overrun, and trip combat maneuvers. 5—Distractible: If the ogrekin rolls a natural 1 on an ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or skill check, it becomes confused until the end of its next turn.

Vermin Domain Granted Powers: You share a deep connection with mindless invertebrates. Familiar: You gain a greensting scorpion familiar (Ultimate Magic 118). Your effective wizard level for this ability is equal to your druid level. Your druid level stacks with levels from other classes that grant familiars when determining the powers of your familiar. Vermin Friend (Ex): You can use wild empathy to influence vermin as easily as you influence animals if you do not already possess this ability.

Ogrekin Deformities All ogrekin have distinct deformities as a result of their incessant inbreeding and the partially incompatible genetics between ogres and other humanoid races.

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