Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game, 2nd Edition by Kevin Siembieda

By Kevin Siembieda

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Sometimes the rolls all seem to go in the player's favor —that's cool, don't feel compelled to change the situation or adjust the outcome. An easy win doesn't come often, let them enjoy it. Other times the rolls go against the players. Again, sometimes the best laid plans go awry (ask my scheduling department). Go with the flow, perhaps it's fate that they lose. When things go really bad, don't necessarily kill our heroes (although acts of stupidity or foolhardy bravery may lead to death), let them get the crap beat out of them, perhaps be humiliated, and perhaps the bad guys win today, but let some or all of them escape to lick their 39 Similarly, brigands and scoundrels (especially low level ones) may respond to heroes of renown or those notorious for being tough, mean or powerful by avoiding conflicts with them, being uncommonly (even sickeningly) courteous boot-lickers, obeying their demands/requests, giving them bargains, treating them with respect and/or kindness and so on.

However, if one or two first or second level 31 Avoiding unnecessary violence. Deductive reasoning and/or insight. 50 Good judgment. 50 50-100 25-50 75-100 Playing in character bonus. Daring (clever or not). Killing or subduing a minor menace. Killing or subduing a major menace. 150-300 Killing or subduing a great menace. Character Background 76-81 Braggart, may be a nice fellow, but likes to brag about his or her abilities and exploits. 82-86 Paternal, overprotective of others, tends to be overbearing, especially toward young characters.

Obsession Tables Obsessions are either an intense, irrational love/desire of something or an intense hatred/loathing of it. The former is likely to motivate the obsessed person to obtain the object of his desire, while the latter is likely to cause the character to avoid or destroy it. M. can decide which is most appropriate under the circumstances or roll once on the following table. An obsession may drive a character to incredible, even outrageous lengths to satisfy his or her irrational feelings.

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