Nights of Prophecy (Vampire: The Masquerade) by Geoffrey Grabowski

By Geoffrey Grabowski

Nights of Prophecy is a suite of reports for Vampire: The Masquerade that chronicle the advances within the setting's ongoing metaplot.

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How much decay gives the rose room to grow? How much blood, sweat and tears have gone into the great works of the past? How many lives have been sacrificed to raise monuments to challenge eternity? 38 • PLAYERS GUIDE TO • • HIGH CLANS • In my experience our kind tries too often to make history a thing of beauty, when instead it is the ugliness out of which beauty grows. It should be acknowledged no less for that and recognized for what it is. So I set pen to paper to record the ugliness, and the beauty, of our past, in hope that it will seed greater things to come for our clan and our kind.

Lasombra sires tell their childer tales of the Antediluvian’s power and what he does to those who fail in their duties to the clan and their sires. The Lasombra founder is like a bogeyman to the younger generations, but he is also a presence for the elders of the clan, who cannot predict what their progenitor may do at any given time. While the Amici Noctis control the nightly affairs of the Lasombra, they are keenly aware that they do so at the Shadowed One’s sufferance and that he could take away their power, if he wished.

Hidden Alliances In their desperate quest for knowledge and a means to save their clan, whether they know of their founder’s quest for godhood or are merely seeking some arcane secret that might lead them into the (metaphorical) light, some Cappadocians have chosen to deal with anyone who might harbor such knowledge — whether or not interaction with them is wise. The past few years have seen a marked increase in Cappadocian interaction with Setites and Tremere. Other clans who learn of these connections may wonder at the repercussions (particularly with regard to the Tremere, as the Cappadocians seem to be setting themselves up for an eventual conflict with the Tzimisce), but the Cappadocians seem to have succeeded at keeping these exchanges purely on the level of information trading.

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