*OP Clanbook: Followers of Set (Rev Ed) (Vampire: The by Dean Shomshak

By Dean Shomshak

I picked up CB: FoS to assist around out a personality i used to be taking part in in a Vampire LARP, largely simply because I had by no means really attempted to play a true Settite prior to. All clans are hobbled by way of over the top stereotyping, however the infrequency of the minor clans and bloodlines makes such stereotypes much more tricky to wreck out of effectively. The Clanbook is helping bust during the "traditional" view of the fans of Set, slightly even stating the bottom pandering that the majority humans might go together with the Clan.

The Revised V:tM books as an entire are a massive development over the stumbling in first and moment variation, and this clanbook isn't any exception. An up to date direction, whereas much less strenuous in it truly is hierarchy of sins than a few, supplies even more personality to the fans of Set, whereas a evaluation of background and pre-history of the area throughout the eyes of the cult presents a intensity that matches so old a following.

The updating of the dogma of the fans of Set does an outstanding activity of reworking them from a bunch of fundamentalists right into a important if darkish faith. the fashion of writing additionally retains the message fluid adequate that one reveals it difficult to get locked in to a unmarried interpretation of the message of the fans of Set, empahiszing once more that their religion is one to be skilled, now not easily certainly one of words.

What i might have cherished to determine extra of: examples of the founding of a temple extra on akhu and particular ritualistic practices

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