On the Theory of Types by Quine W. V. O

By Quine W. V. O

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Among the supplied samples that come with the project source files, there is one inside /demo/samples/noxmldesign that you can check to see how to dynamically create a JasperDesign object without editing a JRXML report design file. All instances of the JasperDesign class are subject to compilation before being used for filling and report generation. This is why they are considered the raw material for the library. JasperReport Instances of this class represent compiled report template objects. They are obtained only through the JasperReports report compilation process and are ready to use for filling with data and report generation.

JRAntCompileTask class. Its syntax and behavior are very similar to the built-in Ant task. jar file along with its other required libraries. You can then use this user-defined Ant task to compile multiple JRXML report template files in a single operation by specifying the root directory that contains those files or by selecting them using file patterns. qxd 7/20/07 3:11 PM Page 13 CHAPTER 2 ■ WORKING WITH REPORT TEMPLATES Attributes of the Report Template Compilation Task Following is the list of attributes that can be used inside the Ant report compilation task to specify the source files, the destination directory, and other configuration properties: srcdir: Location of the JRXML report template files to be compiled.

This might prove useful in some environments, although it is not recommended. When working with a Java class generating the type of a report compiler, further customizations can be made using the following system properties, which only apply to them. path system property, this supplies the classpath. JDK-based and Jikes-based compilers require that the classpath be supplied as a parameter. They cannot use the current JVM classpath. The supplied classpath resolves class references inside the Java code they are compiling.

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