On Disobedience: Why Freedom Means Saying “No” to Power by Erich Fromm

By Erich Fromm

“Human heritage begun with an act of disobedience, and it isn't not going that it'll be terminated by means of an act of obedience.”

One of the nice mental and social philosophers of the 20th century, Erich Fromm expounded at the value of disobedience and the genuine voice of the person in glossy tradition. As appropriate now as while it used to be first released, On Disobedience is a set of provocative essays, together with the identify access, which means the very act of dissent—the option to refuse to comply, to talk “no” to these in power—is necessary to a humane society, either to make sure humankind’s upkeep and to permit for one individual to reclaim a real experience of self.

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