Oath of Vigilance: A Dungeons & Dragons Novel by James Wyatt

By James Wyatt

Following without delay within the wake of The Temple of Yellow Skulls, our heroes face the totality of the harmful and pestilent forces awarded via the Abyssal Plague. The sickness of the liquid crystal Voidharrow spreads through the land, reworking unsuspecting creatures into plague demons. Shara, Uldane, and the not likely drow hero Valmaggar subscribe to forces with Tempest and Rohgar from The Mark Of Nerath, and jointly they set out looking for the golf green dragon Vestapalk, or the creature Vestapalk has become--the sufferer 0 of this abyssal plague.

Meanwhile, Albanon and the mysterious cleric Kri Redshal--the final final member of the Order of Vigilance, an order devoted to guarding the Voidharrow--go looking for solutions to the ailment that sweeps the land.  whereas their seek takes them deep into the center of the darkness that's enveloping the land, the solutions they locate are really short of new questions.  As they detect the genuine scale of the tragedy handy, they see the forces in the back of them are extra strong than that they had ever dreamed, and maybe extra seductive.

From the Paperback edition.

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The thought of returning to his family had never seriously occurred to him. “No,” he said after a moment. ” On his shoulder, Splendid roused enough from her sleep to give an irritated chirp. Moorin’s pseudodragon was not at all pleased with Albanon’s plan to accompany Kri into the Feywild, and she had made her displeasure known frequently and loudly over the course of the last month. Kri extended his hand to the eladrin as well. “I’m Kri Redshal,” he said. Immeral shook Kri’s hand but never shifted his attention from Albanon.

Its voice died in its throat as Shara brought her sword down to split its skull. ” Shara glanced at the stairs where the sunrod still sputtered, and she saw Uldane nod. “Right,” she said. ” With a roar, she slipped between two of the creatures and made for the stairs, swinging her sword in a wide arc to slash at the demons as she passed. Uldane shadowed her movement toward the stairs. Shara turned and paused to let Quarhaun get behind her, but the drow was nowhere in sight. ” she called. ” His voice came from somewhere beyond the pool of light the sunrod shed, and he sounded annoyed.

The demon sailed over Uldane’s head, but the fearless halfling thrust his dagger up to cut another gash in its belly as it went over. It landed with a grunt of pain but didn’t slow down, charging at full speed toward the ruined wall. Shara cursed as she shook her sword free from Quarhaun’s blade. ” she yelled, already starting her run. She heard Uldane fall in behind her, but Quarhaun wasn’t moving. She shot a glance over her shoulder without breaking stride. “It’s a trap,” the drow called after her.

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