Navigating the Collapse of Time: A Peaceful Path Through the by David Ian Cowan

By David Ian Cowan

The indicators are all over: financial predicament, dramatic hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and elevated premiums of species extinction. in keeping with New Age metaphysician David Cowan, we're in the middle of a 25-year transitional interval of planetary shift as our sunlight process techniques the Galactic Photon Band, a shift that also is affecting our conception of time.

The Mayans had a time period for this transitional interval: the "Time of No Time," indicating that, post-2012, time as we all know it or event it could actually no longer exist in any respect or may have replaced dramatically.

In Navigating the cave in of Time, Cowan synthesizes a wide variety of views approximately this time of transition, from the writings of the traditional Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas, to speculative idea, quantum physics, philosophy, and the character of phantasm and fact posed via a number theorists and teachers together with Ken Carey, Barbara Hand Clow, William Gammill, Zecharia Sitchin, Carl Calleman, Gary Renard, Ken Wapnick, Brent Haskel, and so forth. He additionally we could us understand what to anticipate as occasions proceed to spread to their prescribed end and the way to navigate this time of swap.

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In this material world we associate with a particular combination of the modes of nature, and accordingly we mold our character and behavior, and by this criterion we fit into a particular social category. Today people say that there should be no more caste system, but how can they ignore the natural designation of classes in human society? There must be a class of intelligent men, the brähmaëas, who are qualified to disseminate Vedic knowledge to the people in general. There must be a class of kñatriyas to offer administrative rule and protection.

However, Buddhist philosophy does not provide information about the soul, the possessor of the body. Thus Buddhism is imperfect. Buddhist philosophy is incomplete, but that does not mean Lord Buddha did not know the complete truth. A teacher may have received his Masters degree, yet he 48 still teaches the ABC's to his students. It is not that his knowledge is limited to the ABC's. Similarly, any especially empowered incarnation (çaktyäveça avatära) will preach God consciousness according to time, place, and circumstances.

But that is not the end of self-realization. " That eternal activity is devotional service to Kåñëa. 54) Lord Kåñëa describes how Brahman realization leads to devotional service: brahma-bhütaù prasannätmä na çocati na käìkñati samaù sarveñu bhütesu madbhaktià labhate paräm "One who is transcendentally situated at once realizes the Supreme Brahman and becomes fully joyful. He never laments or desires to have anything. He is equally disposed toward every living entity. " Often big svämés talk about attaining "Brahman realization" but do not remove themselves from worldly pleasures and pains.

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