Natural products by Wolfgang Steglich, Prof. Dr.; Burkhard Fugmann; Susanne

By Wolfgang Steglich, Prof. Dr.; Burkhard Fugmann; Susanne Lang-Fugmann; Günter Adam; et al

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59, 3676 (1994). Synth. Commun. 18, 1707 (1988) Synthesis 1994, 601. - [HS292249; CAS 1118-90-7(+)-(S); 7620-28-2 (-)-(R)] 2-Aminobenzoic acid see anthranilic acid. 4-Aminobenzoic acid (p-aminobenzoic acid, vitamin H', PABA). 14, prisms, mp. 188-188S0C, D. 85 (25"C), soluble in water. A. , with Fe(II1) salts; a slight yellow to red discoloration occurs on exposure to air or light. Bacteria require A. as an essential growth substance for the synthesis of *folic acid. Baker's yeast contains ca. 5 - 10 ppm 4-aminobenzoic acid.

13, mp. ), sinters at 168 "C, needles. A. occurs in numerous plants, especially the Fabaceae. A. 5). , Sect. B 24, 1686- 1692 (1968) (crysC4H,N,0,, . J. Org. Chem. 42, 3132-3140 Karrer, No. ) (1977) ("C NMR) p. )] Allelochemieals. General term for signal substances acting between different species of organisms; see also allomones, kairomones, synomones, semiochemicals. Allelopathy (from Greek: allelo = each other and pathe = action). The term was first used by the plant physiologist Hans Molisch in 1937 to describe chemical interactions between plants.

Alkenals. A. are formed from fatty acids by autooxi- ' dation or enzyme action and are widely distributed in *essential oils and aromas2. The C6-CI3-A. (see also hexenals) have sensory effects even in low concentrations. Odors of (E)-2-A. resemble those of the *alkanals but are stronger and less fatty; Clo: citrus, orange; CIz:orange, mandarine. Clearly different are the odors of the (Z)-A. (see table, p. 20). C,: green, fatty cream; C,: cucumber, melon; Cl0: citrus, flowery3. (€)+A. (2)-A. Table: Data of Alkanolides.

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