Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book (Shadowrun) by FanPro

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I have a role for you. name me Mr. Johnson. I m like a fixer for the corps. i do know every body who s anyone from suit-and-tie boardroom predators to the lowliest street-level scavengers. i do know the easiest sprawl websites for scoring new expertise, replacing items with out interruption or hiding out from the assassins in your tail. i love to make sure that the folk I lease can execute a well-planned black ops task and preserve their faces from being splashed everywhere in the screamsheets. My documents on you assert that you simply re correct for what i've got in brain. ? Mr. Johnson s Little Black e-book presents dozens of destinations and contacts for either Shadowrun gamemasters and gamers. For the gamemaster, it incorporates a wealth of easy event principles and road encounters that may be randomly selected and run. It additionally gains distinct suggestion on establishing and dealing with shadowruns, negotiating with shadowrunners and non-compulsory ideas for low and high-level campaigns, recognition, prejudice and extra. to be used with Shadowrun, 3rd version.

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Players creating characters to take part in any of the following Varisian Adventure Paths can choose related campaign traits to help link them to the plots of these epic campaigns. Numerous campaign traits for Adventure Paths taking place in Varisia can already be found in the Advanced Player’s Guide, Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path Anniversary Edition Player’s Guide, the Curse of the Crimson Throne Player’s Guide, Pathfinder Player Companion: Second Darkness, or in the Jade Regent Player’s Guide.

You’ve lost someone to Lamm and now you’re out for revenge. While Lamm remains alive and free, you are not slain until your hit point total reaches a negative number equal to your Constitution score + 3. Once Lamm is imprisoned or killed, you lose the former benefit but gain 3 permanent hit points. Varisian Immunity: Your family is particularly hearty, and has even passed down tales of a Varisian ancestor who sought to cure (or, some loose-lipped relatives say, create) diseases. You gain a +1 trait bonus on saving throws made to resist diseases.

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