Moodle javascript Cookbook by Alastair Hole

By Alastair Hole

Moodle is the simplest e-learning resolution at the block and is revolutionizing classes on the net. utilizing javascript in Moodle is especially worthy to directors and dynamic builders because it makes use of integrated libraries to supply the trendy and dynamic adventure that's anticipated by way of internet clients today.
The Moodle javascript Cookbook will take you thru the fundamentals of mixing Moodle with javascript and its a variety of libraries and clarify how javascript can be utilized besides Moodle. it is going to clarify tips on how to combine Yahoo! person Interface Library (YUI) with Moodle. YUI would be the major concentration of the booklet, and is the major to enforcing sleek, dynamic feature-rich interfaces to aid your clients get a extra pleasant and effective Moodle event. it's going to enable you upload results, make types extra responsive, use AJAX and animation, all to create a richer consumer adventure. it is possible for you to to paintings via quite a number YUI good points, akin to pulling in and showing details from different web pages, bettering latest UI parts to make clients’ lives more straightforward, or even the way to upload animation for your pages for a pleasant completing touch.
A Cookbook jam-packed with step-by-step recipes to reinforce Moodle with javascript and the Yahoo! UI Library
What you are going to study from this publication :
• start with the Yahoo! person Interface Library
• upload validation good points in your Moodle forms
• Retrieve and method information from exterior websites in a variety of codecs utilizing AJAX
• upload characteristic wealthy spreadsheet-style info tables—sorting, paging, and inline editing
• upload auto-complete performance to textual content bins and blend boxes
• utilize complicated navigation controls—drop-down menus, tabbed panels, and modal windows
• Use animation techniques—fading, scrolling, and resizing
• combine exterior libraries reminiscent of JQuery framework, MooTools framework, and Dojo framework
• Initialize a YUI DataSource

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In this recipe, we will learn how to attach a click event handler to an HTML input button as per the first example. We will set up the code such that an alert is displayed when the button is clicked. php require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . > 27 Moodle and Yahoo! on("click", btn1_Click, "#btn1"); }); How to do it... php, with the addition of a form with an input button labeled Button 1 with the ID btn1 as seen in the following screenshot: This is the button to which we shall register a click event, referring to it by its ID later on.

Getting ready Please refer to the first recipe in this chapter for details on how to prepare a QuickForm web form which is the basis of this recipe. How to do it... php, just after the field definition: $mform->addElement('text', 'mytext7', 'Letters only'); $mform->addRule('mytext7', 'Letters only', 'lettersonly', null, 'client'); When we test out this rule by entering numeric characters, our warning message is displayed and we are not able to submit the form as seen in the following screenshot: How it works...

50 Chapter 3 Rejecting punctuation characters In this recipe, we will add a rule that prevents the input of punctuation characters. This could be useful, for example, where you require the title of a new document to not contain periods or commas. Getting ready Please refer to the first recipe in this chapter for details on how to prepare a QuickForm web form which is the basis of this recipe. How to do it... php, just after the field definition: $mform->addElement('text', 'mytext10', 'No punctuation'); $mform->addRule('mytext10', 'No punctuation', 'nopunctuation', null, 'client'); When we test this new rule by entering text that includes punctuation characters (a comma or period), we see that the warning message is displayed and we are unable to submit the form as seen in the following screenshot: How it works...

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