Meditation in Modern Buddhism: Renunciation and Change in by Joanna Cook

By Joanna Cook

In modern Thai Buddhism, the burgeoning acclaim for vipassanā meditation is dramatically impacting the lives of these so much heavily concerned with its perform: clergymen and mae chee (lay nuns) dwelling in monastic groups. For them, meditation turns into a significant concentration of lifestyles and how to remodel the self. This ethnographic account of a thriving Northern Thai monastery examines meditation intimately, and explores the subjective signification of monastic tasks and ascetic practices. Drawing on fieldwork performed either as an analytical observer and as an entire player within the lifetime of the monastery, Joanna prepare dinner analyzes the incentive and event of renouncers, and indicates what impact meditative practices have on contributors and group association. the actual concentrate on the prestige of mae chee - half lay, half monastic - presents a clean perception into social relationships and gender hierarchy in the context of the monastery.

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