Malice by Griffin Hayes

By Griffin Hayes

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Epic Historical Collection (Pillars of the Earth, World Without End)

Dive into the number 1 big apple instances bestselling author’s masterpiece of medieval drama, The Pillars of the Earth, and its long-awaited sequel, international forever. Sweeping from twelfth to 14th century England, based round the construction of an excellent cathedral and the households and contributors tormented by it, those novels “will carry you, fascinate you, encompass you” (Chicago Tribune) and “you will willingly lose your self for really a spell” (Denver Post).

The Adventures of Amir Hamza: Lord of the Auspicious Planetary Conjunction

This is the 1st unabridged English translation of an enormous Indo-Persian epic: a wide ranging story of magic and fervour, a vintage hero's odyssey that has captivated a lot of the realm. it's the spellbinding tale of Amir Hamza, the adventurer who within the carrier of the Persian emperor defeats many enemies, loves many girls, and converts enormous quantities of infidels to the genuine religion sooner than discovering his as far back as his past love.

The Babylonian Gilgamesh Epic: Introduction, critical edition and cuneiform texts - Volume 2

The Babylonian Gilgamesh epic is the oldest lengthy poem on this planet, with a heritage going again 4 thousand years. It tells the attention-grabbing and relocating tale of Gilgamesh's heroic deeds and lonely quest for immortality. This booklet collects for the 1st time all of the identified resources within the unique cuneiform, together with many fragments by no means released ahead of.

Dragon's Gold (Kelvin of Rud, No. 1)

Whilst Kelvin was once a baby, his mom learn to him from the booklet of Prophecy and he requested what the poem intended. Now he was once approximately to profit. the dominion of Rud languishes less than the heel of a usurper; an evil sorcerer has taken the throne within the identify of his depraved daughter. Even deep within the woodland, clear of all energy, the folk tremble and anticipate the day of prophecy's achievement.

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Dorothy slipped her right hand behind her own neck. Alex spun to face her incredulously. ” “It’s also possible that someone else was there that night. If so, they would have had to do one bang-up job to make this look like a self-mutilation/suicide. ” Dorothy turned the light on and gathered the pages from the file. She was wearing the reading glasses with the beaded string she liked so much and for a moment, she looked to Alex like an old lady clearing away her winnings after a good night at bingo.

He knew the minute you arrived. ” Lysander’s mouth was frozen open in a mix of confusion and disbelief. And then, Lysander knew where he had seen this man before. It was Hume’s hollow face that had been glaring back at him from the old weathered placard that greeted visitors on their way into town. And etched below him in crooked red letters had been the words: STAY AWAY But at the time Lysander was sure his mind had been playing tricks on him, because when he passed that same weathered sign on the town line days later, everything had changed.

In a weird kind of way they were like children to him and he adored them. But their jealousy was threatening to pull his life apart. They had already done all they could to drive his wife away and what few friends he had. Before long, he would no longer be Peter Hume, salesman first class, but Peter Hume: eternal curator of living antiquities. He could feel his artifacts at night, in the darkness, watching him. Even the ones without eyes. They watched closest of all. And just yesterday he had heard one of them speak, hadn’t he?

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