Tome of Watchtowers (Mage: the Awakening) by Kraig Blackwelder, Jackie Cassada, Sam Inabinet, Steve

By Kraig Blackwelder, Jackie Cassada, Sam Inabinet, Steve Kenson, Matthew McFarland, Nicky Rea

Glimpses of a better international while a mage Awakens, she touches one of many 5 mythical Watchtowers. The Atlantean kings erected those mystical spires in a long time previous to name out to drowsing souls, beckoning them to say their birthright: the ability of magic. A advisor to Paths for Mage: The Awakening information at the histories, practices and societies of the 5 Paths Charts of the numerous symbolic correspondences among the Supernal nation-states and real-world occult platforms pattern direction characters and new Legacies Tome of the Watchtowers: A consultant to Paths is a a hundred and sixty web page hardcover chronicle booklet for Mage: The Awakening.

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Acanthus mages often go out of their way to prod Sleepers into Awakening and acquire Sleepwalkers whenever they can. For Acanthus mages, life is not truly lived unless one is wide Awake, and they would love to pass this gift along to as many Sleepers as possible. If not, the least Acanthus mages can do is entertain the Sleepers. In fact, many Acanthus mages see Sleepers as their audiences, dupes, props, toys and, sometimes, victims. In fact, many mages of the Thistle show their link with the Fae through these mages’ relationships with Sleepers.

The Acanthus’ affinity with all things Fae also places them in good stead with the Guardians, since Acanthus mages sometimes have access to sources of information unavailable to mages from other Paths. The strong independent streak in most Acanthus mages assures the Guardians that these Time and Fate mages will not be simply followers who never ask ACANTHUS: PATH OF THISTLE 35 questions and never challenge an order they believe to be wrong, yet the Guardians realize that Acanthus willworkers usually dislike unnecessary combat so that they will not unnecessarily provoke internal bickering for the sake of stirring the pot.

Casino Gambling houses, casinos and other places where legal betting and games of chance take place are almost too perfect as sanctums for Acanthus mages. These modern temples to Fate generate large quantities of random energy that gives an unpredictable twinge to any nearby sources of Mana, thus making the magical energy particularly suited to followers of the Path of the Thistle. The many Sleepers who frequent such places act as buffers between the mages and the larger Sleeper world, since anyone who gambles holds some belief that luck will favor him this time and many gamblers practice superstitious rituals when they gamble to ensure their luck.

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