Astral Realms (Mage: the Awakening) by Alexander Freed, Peter Schaefer, Malcolm Sheppard, John

By Alexander Freed, Peter Schaefer, Malcolm Sheppard, John Snead

"A surroundings booklet with details on navigating Oneiros, Temenos and the Anima Mundi. risky denizens of the Astral, together with the daimon spirit courses. Artifacts and issues of dream to assist a mage's dreamquest"

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The unsurpassable roadblock is where they would travel onward were they able to continue on to their Supernal Realms. Mages sometimes imagine a spark somewhere in the distance, a view of their Watchtower: the sun above the ocean’s bottom, perhaps. The path’s end often manifests as a gap, hole or absence of some sort — the open sky beneath the ocean, the chasm that ends the road or there being no body to climb into. This is how the Abyss infringes on Astral Space, or it might be the result of conditioning to that effect.

Time and concentration are both necessary to continue on the path. She has reached Astral Space, but the road she takes through it is still inside her mind and her soul and she must focus her will to walk it. The next landmark after the Threshold is a feeling of reversal. All astral travelers encounter a moment on the journey when their direction becomes the wrong one. The mage walks east and knows she should be, but it is wrong — east is no longer east. Sinking is no longer the proper direction, but rising only takes her back through the Threshold.

He must still spend a point of Mana to cross the Astral Threshold. Mysterium Rote: Puncturing the Worldskin Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult + Space Enlightening as it may be, the journey into Astral Space is time-consuming and distracting. Mystagogues use this rote to foreshorten the astral journey (traveling to the Oneiros and then teleporting to a deeper stratum) or bypass the journey entirely at Space 5. Spirit Invoke Twilight (Spirit •••••) The mage creates a state of Twilight in an astral realm where there is none.

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