Mage the Awakening - Adamantine Arrow by Ethan Skemp, Malcolm Sheppherd

By Ethan Skemp, Malcolm Sheppherd

The fourth of the five order books for Mage

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With the discovery of the American continents by Europeans in the late 15th century and their exploration and colonization in the two centuries that followed, the Old World fell into a flurry of competition as nation rivaled nation to claim more land, build more colonies and extend their territorial claims as far as possible. Seizing upon the hope that a new world might present an opportunity for magic to reassert itself without the weight of Sleeping centuries, many Arrow mages made the journey across the Atlantic (or arrived on the shores of the New World by more devious methods).

His name was Opensource or one of those other stupid Libertine names. He was obviously the leader. She inhaled, exhaled and decided that a strategy called “Severing the Snake’s Head” would do. When she didn’t respond right away, Opensource cleared his throat and said, “Right. So what are we talking about if we don’t just run ’em back, Ax? ” “No, it’s just me. I don’t want them to spread rumors about your thieving, in case it creates… unrest. ” He went for the gun in his waistband, but of course she’d woken it up and made it hate its owner.

In the 19th century, war again seemed to dominate the world arena, and the Arrow played its part on the Sleeping and Awakened battlegrounds. the South usually did so for personal reasons, because they chose to fight alongside their Sleeper families. Throughout Europe, as well, wars united countries — such as Italy and Germany — and expressed a growing political unrest along economic and social class lines. Global Wars: Shrinking Battlegrounds The American Civil War pitted two ways of life against one another.

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