Lyonesse: Suldrun's Garden Bk.1 (Fantasy Masterworks) by Jack Vance

By Jack Vance

The Elder Isles, positioned in what's now the Bay of Biscay off the the coast of outdated Gaul, are made of ten contending kingdoms, all vying with one another for regulate. on the centre of a lot of the intrigue is Casmir, the ruthless and bold king of Lyonnesse. His attractive yet otherworldly daughter, Suldrun, is a part of his plans. He intends to cement an alliance or through marrying her good. yet Suldrun is as made up our minds as he and defies him. Casmir coldly confines her to the overgrown backyard that she likes to widespread, and it really is right here that meets her love and her tragedy unfolds. Political intrigue, magic, battle, event and romance are interwoven in a wealthy and sweeping story set in a brilliantly discovered fabled land.

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Today the rocks were bare. Suldrun turned and walked slowly up into the garden. She dressed in her rumpled frock and returned to the top of the ravine. First a peek through the gateway to make sure no one watched, then quickly through and a run, hop and skip back down the arcade, past the orangery and once more into Haidion. A summer storm blowing in from the Atlantic brought a soft rain to Lyonesse Town. Suldrun was confined to Haidion. One afternoon she wandered into the Hall of Honors. Haidion was quiet; the castle seemed to hold its breath.

Perhaps so. Let me cut the quill. There, just so. " On the rainy morning when Suldrun went into the library for lessons, she found Master Jaimes already on hand, with a dozen quills cut and ready. " "I will do my best," said Suldrun. " "This ink is black. " "I have no white ink, nor yet black parchment. So now—" "Master Jaimes, this morning I wondered about colors. Where do they come from? " Master Jaimes blinked and tilted his head to the side. "Colors? They exist. " "But they come and go. " "Well, truthfully, I don't know.

Suldrun waited a few minutes, then resignedly slid from her bed and with shanks shivering to the chill, dressed herself and combed out her hair. The maid at last appeared, and hurriedly built the fires, fearful lest Suldrun might denounce her to Dame Boudetta, but the lapse had already slipped from Suldrun's mind. She went to stand by the window. Rain blurred the panorama; the harbor was a rainpuddle; the tiled roofs of the town were ten thousand shapes in many tones of gray. Where had the color gone?

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