Lung Biology in Health & Disease Volume 176 Non-Neoplastic by Janet Maurer

By Janet Maurer

This reference examines the pathology and ensuing body structure of various complicated pulmonary and pulmonary vascular tactics. It specializes in clinical and surgical administration techniques for the illnesses addressed in addition to a holistic method of the care of sufferers in such occasions.

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Emphysematous airspaces completely efface secondary lobules. Remnants of interlobular septa (arrowheads) extend from visceral pleura (p). ) 6 Tomashefski panacinar emphysema exhibits diffuse, extreme loss of alveolar tissue, with negligible fibrosis. In both panacinar and centriacinar emphysema, alveolar septal attachments to small airways are reduced (Fig. 7) (11). Panacinar emphysema is also caused by cigarette smoke; frequently, mixtures of panacinar and centriacinar emphysema are seen in the same lung, with one form predominating (12).

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