Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go by Toshiro Kageyama

By Toshiro Kageyama

Many pass books promise to give an explanation for the basics; this is one who relatively retains its promise. Kageyama's matters are connectivity, sturdy and undesirable form, the way in which stones should still 'move', the variation among territory and spheres of impact, find out how to use thickness and partitions, tips on how to teach your self to learn, the place to begin taking a look in a life-and-death challenge — issues so basic that different writers omit them thoroughly. He additionally issues out the ideal how one can examine — easy methods to research joseki, for instance. 'What replaced me from an beginner right into a specialist used to be getting a very enterprise grip at the fundamentals,' writes Kageyama. The essence of 7 years of beginner and twenty-two years taking part in adventure are distilled into those pages, and they're packed with suggestion that anybody will locate useful.

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