Les Dragons De Napoleon

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Her words were not even a sigh on the wind. Yggur adjusted glasses as thick as bottle ends. When Rulke first appeared Yggur had resolved to face his fears and die, rather than be overcome by them yet again. Already that resolve was weakening. “Look at them together,” he said, grinding his teeth. “He has possessed her mind. ” “I hope so,” replied Mendark in an even more chilly voice. ” He looked more haggard, wasted and bitter than ever. The way they talked was horrible. Llian was stabbed all over by pain pricks, as if his blood had crystallized to needles.

Tensor begins his great project, to find within the Mirror the way of making gates from one place to another. He plans to open the Nightland, Rulke’s prison of a thousand years, and have his revenge. For a long time Tensor makes no progress, the memories of the Mirror being locked, then one day finds a way in. Only when he begins to make his gate do the Aachim realize what his real plan is. They try to stop him but Tensor seizes Llian, locks the Aachim out of the tower and continues with his work.

Nadiril the librarian was bent right over on his walking staff, looking frailer than ever. Shand, a head shorter beside him, held his arm. ” “This deed will come back to haunt you, Yggur,” said Nadiril. ” Yggur screamed. “No more will I do evil,” said Malien softly, “even if the greatest good comes out of it. ” Tensor slid his legs over the side of the litter and with a convulsive wrench forced himself to his feet. He was as gaunt as a skeleton now, the once huge frame nothing but bone and sinew that was all twisted from Rulke’s blow in Katazza last summer.

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