Large deviations for discrete-time processes with averaging by O. V. Gulinsky, A. Yu Veretennikov

By O. V. Gulinsky, A. Yu Veretennikov

In keeping with the Cramer-Chernoff theorem, which offers with the "rough" logarithmic asymptotics of the distribution of sums of self reliant, identically random variables, this paintings essentially methods the extensions of this conception to established and, specifically, non-Markovian situations on functionality areas. Recurrent algorithms of identity and adaptive keep watch over shape the most examples in the back of the massive deviation difficulties during this quantity. the 1st a part of the e-book exploits a few rules and ideas of the martingale strategy, specially the idea that of the stochastic exponential. the second one half covers Freidlin's process, in keeping with the Frobenius-type theorems for optimistic operators, whuch turn out to be powerful for the circumstances in attention. The booklet may be of price and curiosity to scientists within the box of likelihood, information and electric engineering, in addition to physicists facing statistical mechanics.

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If Cramer’s condition and the regularity condition (R) hold then liminf lhn inf In P ^suj5 \W? 68) with o Proof. 64). Since under Cramer’s hypothesis zn(A°) > 0, we have dP = [^(A 0)]"1 dQn’A°. 63)) [ X°(s) dM"(A°) = n - 1 £ A°(*A)(& - G"„(A°(*A))). 66), we write P(S ffi^~ ^-6)=/ 41 ~^ s) 1 x exp n A°(s) dM"(A°) + J (A°(s) 0. 74) dQ n’x° , ^6, q and so n~l In P (su^ |IV(" - -/() - q - J i + n 1 ln<5n'A°(Cf,,).

Veretennikov 46 Pick A(5) = r > 0. 1, we arrive at the following estimation: n "1In P {Wqc > c) < - sup [rc - G^r)} = -L(c). 1 L(c) —>00 as c —►00 we get Jim limsupn”1lnP(lV£ > c) < - 00. 83) is proved. 83) is proved similarly. We next verify that lim limsup sup n_1lnP (sup |IV"+T - IV*| > 7;) = - 00. , and put In = inf (t: \x™\ > rj) AS. t. | > „) < 2max (P > y), P ( * ; < -y)). 85) will be proved, once we show that lim liinsup n_1 In suj> P(z" > y) = lim lirnsup n _1ln sujj P(z” < - y ) = -oo.

Define *Pn ~ G / n - l >• • • >V n - k ' i ~~^ n —1> • • • j £ n -l) and the recursion ^n+l *“ @n with the sequence (7 „), n > 1, assumed to be a sequence of positive scalars or small non-zero scalar. Assume that the pair of polynomials A ( z and Cn(z) (z is an arbitrary complex variable, replacing q~x) have all their zeros outside the unit circle. Then (en) is a stationary process with a rational spectrum and hence could be represented as a component of some p-dimensional (p = k + /) Markov process Yn (see, for example, Liptser and Shiryaev (1977)): Yn+i = A{On)Yn + B(0n)Wn, n > 0, where A(0) and B{9) are matrices of appropriate dimensions and with components, expressed in terms of the parameters 0* and 0\ Wn is a sequence of independent vectors.

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