Kundalini Yoga by Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa

By Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa

Taught for hundreds of thousands of years--and published to the West in contemporary a long time by way of the grasp Yogi Bhajan--Kundalini Yoga is suprisingly basic to profit. And practiced on a regular basis, it could actually improve the frightened procedure, stability the glandular process, and harness the power of the brain and emotion in addition to the physique. whereas basic yoga process specializes in workout postures and respiring, Kundalini takes yoga strategies a step extra by way of integrating them into way of life actions. This definitive consultant, totally illustrated with pictures, is an available creation to this historic perform, with info on poses and positions, nutrition and way of life, respiring and stretching innovations, chanting and meditation workouts, and common guidance that could aid anyone--beginner or advanced--gain the best make the most of yogic perform.

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M enta l ly create th ese sou nds. Take you r ti me. AT NAM. Why do we use those particu lar syl lables? AT NAM instantly attu nes us to our highest Self. " We' l l ta l k m uch more a bout mantra later, meanwhi le, a l ittle explanation a bout a big concept: .. "In the beginning wag the Word. AT NAM is a Bij Mantra, or "seed sou n d . AT mea ns Truth, the u lti mate, u nchanging, U n iversal Truth . NAM means name, or identity. AT NAM" to each other, we a re acknowledging our m utua l d ivin e identity.

And keep on chanting! This is su bstituting the positive thought wave of the mantra for the negative thought waves in you r m i n d . The high vibration of mantra, l i ke a good detergent, d issolves the g reasy, g ri my, painfu l thought waves. It's a p rocess. Go th rough it. Supposing you're just sitting and worrying, or you wake up with doubt or fea r in you r mind. "You can, by you r free wil l, create the thought that 'God is with me. ' To every thought that comes, if you m eet it with th is thoug ht, you wil l be plus, not m i n us .

It's supposed to be you r useful servant, you r friend, not you r boss! H ave you ever watched you r m ind? It can be a very educational experi­ ence! The very fact that "you" can watch you r m i n d demonstrates that the mind is not you . The mind is someth ing separate from you, an "object" that you can observe. M astering the mind is one of the aims of Kundalini Yoga (or a ny yoga) because u ntil you can control the mind, you can 't get beyond it to liberatio n . Liberation is the experience of you r own i nfin ity, a n d l ies beyond t h e m i n d .

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