Kithbook: Satyrs (Changeling: The Dreaming) by Mark Jackson, Leif Jones, Angel McCoy

By Mark Jackson, Leif Jones, Angel McCoy

Booklet via Jackson, Mark, Jones, Leif, McCoy, Angel

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Any powers or abilities that surface out of your unique could come as a surprise to you and will come as part of the cooperative story you and the GM will weave over the campaign. For example, if your character’s one unique thing is that they were born from a virgin impregnated with the blood of the Blue (one of the Three), then you might be the only PC able to sense the growing power of a nearby sorcerer who is tied to the Blue. That’s a cool story angle in the GM’s control, not a sense-magicrelated-to-the-Three power you control yourself.

G A M E M A ST E R Rules and suggestions for using icon relationships in play start on page 179. BACKGROUNDS & SKILL CHECKS Selecting your backgrounds is one of the fun parts of character creation where you get to make up story elements to add to the game. Each background is a piece of your character’s history that contributes to your character’s ability to succeed with noncombat skills. Instead of assigning points to skills as with other d20 games, in 13th Age you assign a certain number of points (usually eight) to backgrounds.

A bounty-hunter? A bodyguard? ). So long as the GM agrees, you should feel free to create a background story about a group that the character was part of or perhaps a special magic or monastic style that’s part of the character’s past. ). Our attitude toward languages is that you should pay attention to them when it’s cool and ignore them when it’s not. ” in orcish as he attacks? Absolutely. Is it cool if no one understands the battlecry? Not so much. So we assume that most everyone speaks a common tongue and that when people say things in other languages, anyone with a relevant background should be able to speak enough of the language to piece it together, especially if they have backgrounds that make that more likely.

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