Kingdoms Of Flame by E.A. Koetting a.k.a. - Archaelus Baron

By E.A. Koetting a.k.a. - Archaelus Baron

E.A. Koetting Black Magick Grimoire Evocation.

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Traditionally, an entity is evoked by virtue of the grace of its superior, all spirits being subject to a hierarchal chain of command. " There are two basic reasons this is done: firstly, summoning a spirit by the name of its superior guarantees its obedience to the magician's command; and, second, using the name of the superior spirit in the conjuration is a manner of asking such spirit to release the particular subordinate for the time of the evocation. Vibration of God Names is also used, either instead of the names of superior spirits or as a supplement.

Raskutor - Demon Prince having power over the essence of man. Raskutor appears as a strong man, possessing a very noble air. He is garbed in fine, red clothing topped with a black cape. His ebony hair hangs to his shoulders and he keeps a gentleman's mustache and goatee. Raskutor will deliver any person into the magician's hands for any purpose, being adept at deception and trickery. He is a very violent, unstable demon, yet is extremely hypnotic. It is advised to avoid gazing directly into his eyes, lest he gain full sway over the Operator's senses and discernment.

The letters of the Square distorted and eventually dissolved against the strain of my ethereal body pressing through the invisible material of the Square into the realms beyond. Several voices, all male, whispered around me as the impassible barrier was breached. Although I strained, I could not make out particular words, nor could I sense any emotion behind the rustling of voices. Darkness surrounded me, as if it were night without any stars or moon. In the distance of the black desert burned fires as large as buildings, from which issued the sound of soft singing.

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