Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors in the CNS by M. Hollmann (auth.), Professor Dr. Peter Jonas, Professor

By M. Hollmann (auth.), Professor Dr. Peter Jonas, Professor Dr. Hannah Monyer (eds.)

This quantity offers an outline of glutamate receptors and their function in excitatory neurotransmission. It focusses on 3 facets. First, it describes the practical, molecular, and pharmacological homes of glutamate receptors (AMPA, NMDA, and kainate receptors). moment, it offers a survey how those receptors are occupied with synaptic transmission at various glutamatergic synapses within the mammalian CNS. ultimately, it adresses how overactivation of glutamate receptors can result in excitotoxic phone demise, and emphasizes the significance of glutamate receptors as power therapeutical goals. The chapters, written by means of major scientists, provide exact summaries of elements that experience emerged lately during this box. The ebook demonstrates the power of a multidisciplinary method regarding body structure, pharmacology, and molecular biology. it will likely be valuable for different scientists in and out of doors the sector, teachers and scholars at diverse academic degrees.

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1992 HOLLMANN et al. 1993 SUGIHARA et aI. 1992 HOLLMANN et al. 1993 HOLLMANN et al. 1993 SUGIHARA et al. 1992 HOLLMANN et al. 1993 DURAND et al. 1992 SUGIHARA et al. 1992 DURAND et al. 1992 HOLLMANN et al. 1993 SUGIHARA et al. 1992 References S39219 S46393 (S1) S46394 (S2) L01632 U08268 S39220 S39218 U08264 S39219 U08265 U08266 S39217 U08267 U08262 S39218 S44964 U08261 U11418 X65227 S39217 S45121 U08263 S61907 [X63255j GenBank accession number Table4. Cloned N-methyl-n-aspartate (NMDA) receptor subunits from vertebrates.

1) ...... (") ~ q (/) NR2A NR2B NMDA receptors (GLU binding) NR2D NR2C Gene Receptor subfamily Table 9. ) NRl-6a NRl-3b NRl-4a Splice variants = ISHII et al. 1993 MONYER et al. 1994 SUCHANEK et al. 1995 SUCHANEK et al. 1995 SUCHANEK et al. 1995 DAGGETT et al. 1998 DAGGETT et al. 1998 DAGGETT et al. 1998 ISHII et al. 1993 "b": 5'-UTR (97bp deletion) "c": 5'-UTR (58bp inserted) "d": 5'-UTR (insert,bp unknown) "2": L1 (5 aa deletion) "3": L3 (8 aa insertion) "4": L3 (17 aa deletion) ["2": C-terminal domain]< 33 aa longer than NR2D-2 ["3": 5'-UTR and LIVBP domain]< 85 aa lacking vs.

C. g. l. d. 7% identical to fGluR2a, while fGluR3j3 is -92% identical to fGluR3a; this means that the two J3-subunits presumably represent different genes. Thus, fish appear to possess two different GluR2 and GluR3 genes (Kung et a1. 1996; Chang et a1. ) Gene variant Gene Table 2. Continued ~ ~ ~ g: o ...... ) GluRS(Q)-la GluRS(Q)-lb " GluRS(Q)-lc GluRS(Q)-2a GluRS(Q)-2b " GluRS(Q)-2c GluRS(Q)-ld GluRS Species Gene variant Gene musGluR6-2, or musGluR6c XenGluR6 fJ2 871 920 920 949 GluR-S-a GluRS-1 GluR-S-b GluR-S-c GluR-S-2a GluRS-2 GluR-S-2b GluR-S-2c HGRS--4, = hGluRS-1d humEAA3 hEAA3 elD musGluRS-2c, or musGluRS-3 GluR6 GluR-6 hGRIK2 humEAA4 hEAA4 hGluR6a hGluR6b (28Sps) 908 b 908 908 908 908 908 870 864' 869 90S 90S 934" 918 90S Total protein size (amino acids) Alternate name used in original publication 833' 838 877b 877 877 877 877* 87S 87S* 904" 841 890 890 919 826 87S 87S 904 888 Mature protein size (amino acids) 31 31 31 31 31 31 31* 30 30* 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 Signal peptide size (amino acids) ISHIMARU et al.

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