Investigating Arabic: Current Parameters in Analysis and by Professor of Arabic and Linguistics and Director of the

By Professor of Arabic and Linguistics and Director of the Arabic Language Programs Alaa Elgibali

This ebook bargains a variety assessment of present learn concerns in Arabic linguistics, extending from the overall to the explicit. It comprises extensive investigations of theoretical and utilized themes which are of curiosity to basic and Arabic linguistics: computational research of Arabic, Arabic dialectology, acquisition of Arabic as a local language, studying and educating Arabic as a primary or overseas language, sociolinguistic research of Arabic, and the prestige of Arabic in ecu academe. regardless of the seeming range of the subjects, they fall thematically into significant inter-related different types, research and studying. every one bankruptcy is a considerate mirrored image of an incredible present pattern within the learn of Arabic.

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He argues that tense does not reside in the vocalism of the perfect and imperfect verbs but rather in the distribution of the prefixes and suffixes of such verbs. 4. Both varieties share the same set of independent subject pronouns with some variations in the pronunciation. Examples are: (13) /ana/ ‘I’; /inta/ ‘you masc sing’; /inti/ ‘you fem sing’; /intu/ ‘you plural’; /huwwa/ ‘he’; /hiyya/ ‘she’; /humma/ ‘they’; /iHna/ ‘we’—EA (14) /ana/ ‘I’; /anta/ ‘you masc sing’; /anti/ ‘you fem sing’; / antum/ ‘you masc pl’; /antunna/ ‘you fem pl’; /huwa/ ‘he’; /hiya/ ‘she’; /hum/ ‘they masc’; /hunna/ ‘they fem’; /naHnu/ ‘we’—MSA We notice here the simplification of the pronominal system in EA by eliminating the dual pronouns and the feminine plural pronoun.

The reduction in the consonantal system arises from the neutralization of some phonological contrasts (Holes 1995). For example, in Egyptian Arabic the distinction between the interdental fricatives and the alveolar fricatives is lost to the advantage of the alveolar fricative. So /¶/ and /z/ are pronounced as /z/ and /y/ and /s/ are pronounced as /s/. However, there are some interesting similarities. For example, segmental phonemes in both MSA and Egyptian Arabic (EA) are characterized by two important phonemic distinctions namely vowel length and pharyngalization in consonants.

5. The same possessive pronouns are used in both varieties. The following are examples of words from both varieties with some possessive pronouns. 1 PRO Drop Parameter All varieties of Arabic have the property of the optional deletion of the subject of a sentence observing the universal condition on the recoverability of deletion. EA (17) /ana i t fi ilkuweit xamas sin n/ I lived in Kuwait five years I lived in Kuwait for five years. (18) / i t fi ilkuweit xamas sin n/ lived in Kuwait five years I lived in Kuwait for five years MSA (19) /q la al+ra s anna+hu sayHDur al+iHtif l/ said the president that he will attend the celebration The president said that he would attend the celebration.

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