Introduction to Ligand Field Theory by Carl J. Ballhausen

By Carl J. Ballhausen

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Nevertheless, nowadays they are one of the best alternatives for both chemical and temperature sensing as well as for power delivery in IR laser surgery or in industrial laser systems. In such waveguides, the core can be simultaneously used for confining the light and the fluid/gas to be measured, thus achieving a high interaction between them. As an example, in optical gas detection, hollow waveguides have already improved the detection limits [117]. Hollow fibers have been tried as liquid-core fibers in spectrophotometry [118] and porous fibers have been well adapted for gas measurements [119, 120].

The studies prove the suitability of ketocyanine dyes as chromoionophores in plasticized PVC membranes and exploit their features by using them as recognition reagents of IWAO devices to provide miniaturized sensors with an enhanced performance. Two representative calibration experiments obtained using both configurations are shown in Fig. 22. As can be observed, the great advantage offered by the IWAO is the possibility of attaining high sensitivity without increasing the dye ratio or the membrane thickness.

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