Inorganic Chemistry of the Transition Elements: v. 3: A by Brian Frederick Gilbert Johnson

By Brian Frederick Gilbert Johnson

Expert Periodical stories supply systematic and distinctive evaluation insurance of development within the significant components of chemical examine. Written by way of specialists of their expert fields the sequence creates a distinct provider for the lively study chemist, providing ordinary severe in-depth bills of development particularly components of chemistry.

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R. 45z 16' 16' 164 16' 16' 168 169 (a) 0. S. Roshchupkina S. M. Vinogradova, and Yu. G. Borod'ko, Z h u r . j z . Khim.. 1972, 46, 2715; (b) J. D. McCowan, Canad. J. , 1973,51, 1083. T. Yamamoto and A. Yamamoto. , 1973,57. 127. K. H. Thiele, K. Milowski, P. Zdunnek, J. Muller, and H. Rau, Z . , 1972, 12, 186. (a) P. J. Davidson, M. F. Lappert, and R. Pearce, J. , 1973, 57, 269; (b) W. Mowat and G. S. Dalton, 1973, 1120. L. Zetta and G. Gatti, Org. Magn. Resonance, 1972,4, 585. J. Causse, R. Tabacchi, and A.

Soedin, Tr. Konf: 4th, ed N. P. Grechkin, Nauka, Moscow, 1969, p. 221 (Chem. , 1973,78, 148036~). (a) A. A. Muratova, E. G. Yarkova V. P. Plekhov, R. G. Zagetova, and A. N. Pudovik, Zhur. , 1972,42,976; (b) D. M. Pun and A. Parkash, J . Indian Chem. , 1972,49,833 V. V. fiz. , 1972,46,2922 C . Gh. Macarovici and Gh. Morar, Reti. , 1972, 17, 847; Stud. Unio. BabesBolyai, Ser. C h e w 1972,17, 5 (Chem. , 1973,78,66432j). A. I. Astakhov, E. N. Knyazeva, and S. Ya Schnaiderman, Zhur. , 1972,42,2505.

N. Latyaeva, L. I. Vishinskaya, and A. M. Rabinovitch, J . , 1973,49,441. K. H. Thiele, E. Kohler, and B. Adler, J . , 1973,50, 153. -Halides and Oxyhalides. A new X-ray structural determination of Li,ZrF, has resolved ambiguities in the position of the Li' ions. 87A remarkable versatility of structural units has been identified in the CU"-H,O-[Z~F,]~system. Crystals of CuZrF6,4H,0 involve infinite chains of - - [ZrF,l2- - - -[Cu(H,0),I2+ - -- distorted octahedral units. K,CuZrF6,2H,0 contains [Zr,Fl,]4- ions which are composed of two ZrF, pentagonal bipyramids sharing an equatorial edge.

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