The Manual of Exalted Power: Abyssals (Exalted RPG) by Alan Alexander

By Alan Alexander

A consultant to the fairway solar Princes
proficient by means of the Yozis with the corrupted Lawgiver Exaltations, the Infernals signify a brand new and negative possibility to the realm and its Exalted defenders. provided incredible strength through the fallen architects of construction to correct their maximum failure, the selected of the Yozis function with one shared aim, to rework construction into Hell. Will the Infernal Exalted prevail at their diabolic undertaking, or the golf green sunlight Princes fall sooner than the selected of the gods as their masters as soon as did?
a personality sourcebook for Exalted®, moment variation, that includes:
o every little thing avid gamers and Storytellers have to generate Infernal Exalted characters, together with their Charms
o info of the Yozis' earlier servants: demon cultists, akuma and Demon-Bloods
o principles for helltech, an occult technology devoted to construction wonders from vitriol and the essence of demons

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They keep bats in silver cages (perhaps trained to carry messages), admire black vipers in stained terrariums, and occasionally carry large spiders with them on a shoulder or among their possessions. When they travel as heralds for their Deathlords, they hire a train of mourners to follow and wail their misery. They dress all in black or all in white. They sleep in coffins. They wear leather plague masks with cruel beaks and staring crystal eyes. They cool themselves with folding fans made of bone and human skin.

These heroes of Oblivion owe fealty to the Deathlords and could never possibly surpass them. That’s the optimistic view. The pessimistic view holds that the Abyssal Exalted could someday match the power the Deathlords wielded as living Solar Exalted in the First Age. When that happens, they could do away with the Deathlords at the behest of the Neverborn. For this reason, the Deathlords are careful either to sate their successful deathknights with effusive praise and rewards for jobs well done or to break their spirits with harsh punishment for even the smallest failures.

Abyssal Exalts don’t lose their capacity for emotional extremes, but the circumstances that bring them out can all change. An Abyssal might weep at the beauty of a sunrise, but he does so only because he knows it gives false hope to a rebel kingdom he’s about to conquer. An Abyssal might applaud at the end of a theatrical performance well executed, but he does so only because he appreciates an irony in the story that the living will never understand. He might laugh at the last joke of a dying rival, but he does so only because he’s so relieved his foe has finally let go of his fear of death.

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