Historical Atlas of South-East Asia by J M Pluvier

By J M Pluvier

Ancient Atlas of South-East Asia

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The shaft (n]7) rising from the base of the lampstand constitutes the central branch of the seven arms of the menorah. These are the six 30 CHAPTER ONE branches (0111p) issuing from its sides, three on either side of the lampstand. " The six arms, or branches, are described as emanating upward from three points on each side of the central shaft (or 'menorah-stand'). In the reconstructed menorah (Figure 1-7) the arms are evenly spaced, curving upward parallel to each other, and terminating at the same height.

12. 319; Sperber 1965:137-40). After conquering Jerusalem in 63 BCE, Pompey entered the Temple `and saw what it was unlawful for any but the high priests to see. , he touched none of these because of piety, and in this respect also he acted in a manner worthy of his virtuous character' (Ant. 14. 72). According to this report, it appears that Pompey saw a single menorah. In 54 BCE Crassus plundered the Temple but did not take the ritual vessels (Ant. 14. 107-9). The menorah served in Herod's Temple until its destruction in 70 CE.

B C d Figure 1-2. Candelabra: a. 8`h-century BCE Iron cadelabrum from Samaria. b. Bronze candelabrum from Toprak Kale, Urartu. c. Two Greek metal candelabra. d. Bronze candelabrum from Sidon. e. 6" _ 5`h-century BCE Bronze candelabra fittings from Cyprus and Greece. a e HISTORY AND ORIGIN OF THE MENORAH 15 Figure 1-3. Candelabra represented on reliefs and seals. a. MM Figure 1-4. Worshippers before candelabra: a-c. rendered on reliefs and seals. d. engraved on a Neo-Babylonian stamp. It seems that candelabra were used for illumination in cultic settings, as indicated by their location at the time of discovery, be it in a temple, tomb, or palace, and by their renditions on reliefs and seals, CHAPTER ONE 16 at times with worshippers before candelabra (Figure 1-4; Merhav 1991:265-67, Fig.

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