GURPS Cops by Lisa Steele

By Lisa Steele

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Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts (Mage: The Ascension)

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Rival Guide

The Rival advisor offers 10 absolutely particular rival adventuring teams, entire with really good spells, gear, magic goods, and strange minions. those teams conceal quite a lot of topics, from haunted pirates to drow dying cultists, vast slavers to nigh-unstoppable arch-villains, and lots more and plenty, even more!

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Snake eyes indicates an uncontrolled demon appears and the character is Shaken, loses a die type of Vigor permanently, and suffers the effects of Demonic Taint (Greater). Demonology can be dangerous! Demonic Taint (Lesser) Through summoning mishaps, the character has grown tainted. Whether it is permanent ooze from the corner of his eye or a silver-scaled neck, he is obviously one who deals unsuccessfully with dark forces. He gains no 44 RUNEPUNK benefits; for those he must take the appropriate Edge.

Arcane Companion (Demon Servant) Requirements: Novice, Professional Edge (Demonologist), Knowledge (Rune Lore) d8+, Runecraft d8+ Through a long, exhausting ritual, a demonologist may summon forth a special servant to do his bidding. Not as specialized or advanced as some they may summon or bind for shorter missions, these demon servants come forth to serve and learn. Lean and gaunt, a demon servant otherwise appears as a normal member of its summoner’s race, its gender determined at the time of summoning.

While the character need not have the Edge he is placing into an item, he must be of the same rank as listed in its prerequisites. The rule of three applies to items: no single item may contain more than three Edges. Where an Edge requires 34 RUNEPUNK another Edge as a requirement (such as Improved Frenzy needing Frenzy), the requirement Edge must be worked into the item first. Edges placed in items allow anyone wearing or carrying the object (as appropriate) to gain the benefits of the Edge without needing to meet the requirements.

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