Characters (GURPS, 4th Edition) by Steve Jackson, David Pulver, Sean Punch

By Steve Jackson, David Pulver, Sean Punch

With GURPS, you will be an individual you will have - an elf hero scuffling with for the forces of excellent, a shadowy femme fatale on a deep-cover challenge, a futuristic swashbuckler carving up foes with a strength sword in his hand and a gorgeous lady by way of his part . . . or actually the rest! GURPS has been the optimal common roleplaying online game for nearly 20 years. the hot Fourth version makes it even higher! GURPS easy Set: Characters combines details from the 3rd variation GURPS easy Set and GURPS Compendium I, plus hundreds of thousands of recent and up-to-date ideas! This 336-page, full-color hardcover comprises every thing you want to create and play a GURPS Fourth version personality.

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Equal to half what you stand to gain. For instance, if you stood to inherit +2 to Status [10] and Comfortable wealth [10], Heir would cost 10 points, and give +1 to Status and a 50% bonus to starting wealth. Schrödinger’s Advantage: You can specify that at some critical juncture in an adventure, just when all seems lost, you will suddenly discover a new ability – worth twice the points you have set aside – that will help you out of trouble. You must immediately pay the remaining points to use your new ability.

10%. Blessed 2 5 10 or more points You are attuned to a god, demon lord, great spirit, cosmic power, etc. This can take various forms, but in all cases, you will lose this advantage if you fail to act in accordance with your deity’s rules and values. Blessed: You sometimes receive wisdom from your deity. ) for at least one hour, you see visions or witness omens that have some bearing on future events. Work out the details with your GM; for instance, the God of Fire might require you to stare into flames for an hour, after which you hear a voice in the flames.

You cannot turn it off. Most other advantages are switchable: you can turn them off and on at will. To do so requires a one-second Ready maneuver, with activation or deactivation occurring as soon as you execute the maneuver. ” Attacks – notably Affliction (p. 35), Binding (p. 40), and Innate Attack (p. 61) – are only “on” while you are attacking. An advantage like this requires a one-second Attack maneuver to use; you cannot switch it on continuously without a special enhancement. Exceptions to these guidelines are noted explicitly.

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