Guardians of the Lost: Volume Two of the Sovereign Stone by Margaret Weis

By Margaret Weis

For centuries the section of the good Sovereign Stone belonging to the people of Loerem was once misplaced from sight and reminiscence. yet there are those that dare always remember ...

A magical relic has been miraculously recovered -- and the conflict for the way forward for Loerem starts off. it's a nightmare clash that may ensnare dwarf, human, elf, and orken beings, because the immortal darkish lord Dagnarus launches negative battle from the blackest depths of the Void. And now heros needs to emerge from the main not going corners of the realm to disclaim Dagnarus the extraordinary strength of the Stone -- or undergo the hideous damnation of his hellish reign.

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I’m a dwarf,” said Wolfram bluntly. “I’m a pecwae. I make this,” said the pecwae proudly and, reaching into a pouch attached to a leather thong that he wore draped over one shoulder, he pulled out a handful of jewelry that flashed in the sunlight and deposited the jewelry on the counter. The elf had never seen anything so lovely. Sighing with pleasure, he reached out his hand to touch the beautiful pieces. “Skystone,” said the pecwae, watching with pride as the elf lifted the necklace to the light.

The box would kill any common thief who might have escaped the tomb’s other guardians. A thief such as himself. A thief such as he had been. Gustav had renounced that life years ago. He had lived every day since in remorse for his past sins. He had done what he could to atone for them. But what if none of that counted? The magic would not hesitate to kill anyone it considered to be unworthy of claiming the blessed artifact. His hand trembled above the silver box and, suddenly, he smiled. “So, Gustav,” he said, having from long years of traveling alone come into the habit of talking to himself, “you have spent forty years of your life searching for this and now you fear to touch it.

Moving gingerly, he looked over to where the Vrykyl had fallen, feeling a grudging curiosity to see what the loathsome thing looked like in the light of day. The Vrykyl was gone. Alarmed, Gustav jumped to his feet. He searched around the area hurriedly, thinking that perhaps he had mistaken the location of the corpse. He found nothing. It was as if the Vrykyl had never been. He might have thought he had dreamed the entire nightmare encounter, but for the wound in his arm. And there were other signs that a fight had occurred.

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