Ciba Foundation Symposium - Growth of the Nervous System by G. E., And Maeve O'Connor, Edited By Wolstenholme

By G. E., And Maeve O'Connor, Edited By Wolstenholme

Chapter 1 Chairman's beginning comments (pages 1–2): Sir John Eccles
Chapter 2 development of the apprehensive method: An Introductory Survey (pages 3–12): J. Szentagothai
Chapter three Formation of practical Interneuronal Connexions among Explants of varied Mammalian important, frightened Tissues in the course of improvement in Vitrof (pages 13–40): S. M. Craine, E.R. Peterson and M. B. Bornste
Chapter four Regulative elements within the Orderly development of Retino?Tectal Connexions (pages 41–52): R. W. Sperry and E. Hibbard
Chapter five mobilephone department and Migration within the mind After Optic Nerve Lesions (pages 53–76): R. M. Gazea and W. E. Watson
Chapter 7 improvement of Limb routine: Embryological, Physiological and version stories (pages 77–98): G. Szekely
Chapter 7 The Beginnings of Co?Ordinated pursuits within the Chick Embryo (pages 99–109): V. Hamburger
Chapter eight improvement of Limb Innervation (pages 110–125): A. Hughes
Chapter nine organic elements of the Nerve progress issue (pages 126–147): Rital Evi?Montal and Pietrou Angeletti
Chapter 10 motion of Heavy Water [D20] on development and improvement of remoted fearful Tissues (pages 148–178): Margar Murraay and Helenha Benitez
Chapter eleven Endocrine affects in Neural Developmentt (pages 179–199): Jerry J. Kollros
Chapter 12 Penetration of Labelled Amino Acids into the Peripheral Nerve Fibre from Surrounding physique Fluidst (pages 200–219): Marcus Singer
Chapter thirteen delivery of fabric alongside Nerves (pages 220–232): G. A. Kerkut
Chapter 14 improvement and upkeep of Neurotrophic relatives among Nerve and Muscle (pages 233–250): E. Gutmann
Chapter 15 The position of Acetylcholine as a Trophic Neuromuscular Transmitter (pages 251–288): Daniel B. Drachman

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Sperry: Professor Szentigothai emphasized how far we had already come 18 years ago at the Chicago conference on genetic neurology. This reference is appropriate inasmuch as six of us here at this symposium were also at that earlier conference. However, in using this IS-year measuring stick, we leave out the highly critical decade 1939-1949 during which most of the radical revisions in our thinking that Professor Szentlgothai referred to had already taken place. W. [1945]. J. , 8,15-28; [1965].

De Haan, R. , and Ursprung, H. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston) most of the basic concepts in the developmental patterning of synaptic connexions, as we see them today, had already been spelled out in the literature. GROWTH OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM Edited by G. E. W. WOLSTENHOLME and MAEVE 0 'CONNOR Copyright 0 Ciba Foundation REGULATIVE FACTORS I N THE ORDERLY G R O W T H O F RETINO-TECTAL CONNEXIONS R. W. SPERRY and E. HIBBARD Division OfBiology, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California As a model for the study of the developmental patterning of brain pathways and connexions, the optic tract of lower vertebrates connecting the retina of the eye to the midbrain tectum offers a number of longrecognized advantages.

1961]. Dis. new. ). W e may add that Sidman demonstrated the inability of the retina maintained in vitro to convert 11-trans vitamin A into 36 DISCUSSION I I-cis retinene and also to use I I-cis retinene supplied with the culture medium. This is probably due to the lack of opsin, the protein normally bound to 11-cis retinene to form rhodopsin. These results clearly indicate the importance of the pigment epithelium as an organizer of the differentiationof the sensory pole of photoreceptors. But it is most significant that the synaptic apparatus is perfectly differentiatedin spite of the lack of differentiationof the outer segment.

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