Great Transition: The Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead by Paul Raskin, Tariq Banuri, Gilberto Gallopin, Pablo Gutman,

By Paul Raskin, Tariq Banuri, Gilberto Gallopin, Pablo Gutman, Al Hammond

The planetary part of historical past has began, yet its final form is profoundly doubtful. Will international improvement veer towards an international of impoverished humans, cultures and nature? Or will there be a very good Transition towards a way forward for enriched lives, human team spirit and environmental sustainability? those questions are addressed within the path-breaking essay nice Transition: The Promise and entice of the days forward. Paul Raskin, Tellus President, is lead writer of this exam of the chances for a sustainable and fascinating global. The essay describes the old roots, present dynamics, destiny perils, and substitute pathways for global improvement. It advances the sort of paths, nice Transition, because the hottest direction, settling on techniques, brokers of switch, and values for a brand new international schedule. The essay s appraisal of the present worldwide crossroads is disquieting. traditional improvement is perilous, whereas the reform route to a sustainable destiny is difficult and unsure. but, it indicates basic switch of path remains to be attainable. innovative components of civil society, govt, foreign firms, and enterprise can forge a brand new sustainability paradigm, another imaginative and prescient of globalization based at the caliber of lifestyles, human cohesion, environmental resilience, and an educated and engaged citizenry.

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What lies beyond this process of change? More change, no doubt. Though an ideal planetary society can never be reached, we can imagine good ones. Distant visions guide the journey. One possibility is sketched in the following box. 44 Great Transition A Distant Vision Here is a civilization of unprecedented freedom, tolerance and decency. The pursuit of meaningful and fulfilling lives is a universal right, the bonds of human solidarity have never been stronger and an ecological sensibility infuses human values.

In Barbarization scenarios, the UN is relevant only to historians. In a Great Transition, a reorganized UN expresses the international solidarity of the new development agenda as the dominance of the nation-state fades. To a great extent, the evolution of intergovernmental entities will reflect the political imperatives of the ascendant global system. The ultimate source of the value changes and political choices for a Great Transition lie elsewhere. But the UN and the others are not simply dependent variables in the calculus of global change; at critical moments they can provide leadership and initiative for the transition, as well.

The old polarizing dualities—cosmopolitanism versus parochialism, globalism versus nationalism and top-down versus bottom-up—have been transcended. Instead, people enjoy multiple levels of affiliation and loyalty—family, community, region and planetary society. Global communication networks connect the four corners of the world, and translation devices ease language barriers. A global culture of peace and mutual respect anchors social harmony. The World Union (née the United Nations) unifies regions in a global federation for co-operation, security and sustainability.

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