Graphic Survey of Radio and Radar Equip. Used by the Army

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Lbs. Lbs. Lbs Lbs. Lbs. Lbs. and includes connecting and interconnecting cords Section 4 - Graphic Survey July 1945 AN/CPN-11 Radar Sets AN/ Nl ahd AN/CPN-12 com- scope 3" Dumont 224A, Signal Generator 1-72, and Hickok prise an air-transportable ground Loran chain which pro- Model 110. vides a signal for position "fixing" by aircraft equipped with Radar Set AN/APN-4 or Radar Set AN/APN-9. In operation, two AN/CPN-11's are used as "slave" stations POWER OUTPUT 25 KW. (PEAK) and are triggered by the double master station AN/CPN-12.

TYPE 1 3 radar beacoh NO. 5U4G 7193 tanspo~idp . 3 6 TYPE 6H6 6SH7 c - Section 4 - Graphic Survey AN! CPN-7 Case CY-47/CPN-7 with Power Unit, Onan Model 358RS Case CY-46/CPN-7 with Mountings FT-247-F and Switching Assembly SA-10/CPN-7 PS' 1« ij Antenna AT-31/CPN-7 RADIO SET Antenna Mast AB-3/TPN-1 Receivers-Transmitters RT-29/CPN-7 TOTAL WEIGHT 2 0 0 LBS. AN/CPN-7 Component Nomenclature Size Weight Case Receiver- Transmitter Switching Assembly Antenna Antenna Malt Case Onan Power Plant Antenna System Mounting CY-46/CPN-7 28" x 20" x 18" 13" x 14" x 10" 8" x 3" x 13" Length 18" Length 20' Diam.

Lbs. Lb. Lbs. Lbs. Lb. Lbs. Lbs. ** * includes operating spare parts ** weight less than one pound, Section 4 - Graphic Survey July 1945 AN/UPN-3 Radar Beacon AN/UPN-3 (BUPX) is a portable set designed for use as a navigation and homing beacon and for bomb run designation. When interrogated by airborne radars onbeaconfunctions it transmits a range coded signal identifying the beacon so that it may be located in range and azimuth. Twelve code combinations are selectable. Provision is made for earphone monitoring of the set for interrogation.

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